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Captain / Emergency Loophole + other questions

People are going DT crazy! Take a deep breath and relax. There have been heaps of questions come in today… the big one is the Captain/Emergency loophole. Here is is explained for those too lazy to go into Calvin’s Captains to read it and instead email, tweet, text, or comment asking about how it works! + a few other FAQ’s.

How does the Captain and Emergency loophole work?

Didn’t you read Calvin’s Captains? It was explained there! Typical. Ok. Here goes… You need to unselect your captain. Do this by trading out the player who has the “C” attached to their name for anyone else, doesn’t matter who, and save your team. Then trade him back in for the player you just traded out. Now you only have a player with a VC. Make your “VC” (not C) someone from Carlton or Richmond. For me it will be Gibbs. Some are going with Deledio. If you don’t like his score, then click C on your desired Captain option (Swan, duh) and ride that puppy home. If you like your VC score and want it doubled, then do not put a C on anyone.

The emergency one works the same. What I’ll be doing is putting the E on Duigan. If he scores 80+ then I will put Stanley (Gold Coast) onto my ground for Lower. If he doesn’t, I will just leave Lower there.

These come with some risk because if there is an emergency needed, you will HAVE to take the Carlton/Richmond score and if for some reason your Captain is a late withdrawal, then you HAVE to take your VC score.

Do my trades count when the partial lockout is in effect?

Uh, no. They don’t. Put simply, your Carlton and Richmond players are LOCKED into where you have them as soon as 7:40pm ticks over. So if you have Deledio in your backline on the ground, that’s where he will stay. If Duigan is on your bench, that’s where he will stay. Every other player can be subbed, traded, etc. If a Carlton or Richmond player has a C, VC or E clicked on them, then they will be locked with those at 7:40pm and you won’t be able to change them. Be careful with that. You won’t be able to trade a Carlton or Richmond player out until after lockout anyway.

More questions might be posted here if people don’t get it!





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