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Fantasy Freako: Pre-season Rave #3

The third and final Fantasy Freko Pre-season Rave is out now! This includes all Dream Team scores from the last 3 weeks of the NAB series and a lot of other hot tips for your DT! Sign up at to get the weekly mailout sent directly to your inbox!

The third and last Fantasy Freako Pre-season Rave is out now for your viewing pleasure! It includes all of the Dream Team scores from all NAB Cup and NAB Challenge games (the full ones, not the micky mouse first round).

There’s plenty of important info for you to help pick your Dream Team in this last week. The Freak will be back each week during the season to help you manage your DT!

If you haven’t signed up to the Fantasy Freako mailout, then head to and get on board! This PDF is more of a “must have” than Dane Swan in your Dream Team!

Click below to download the second preseason rave:





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