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Dream Team for Dummies: How to make a basic team

Many people that do Dream Team have been doing it for years. This makes it very hard for those of us who have never played. Read on to see how you can have an effective Dream Team the first time you play! Read on and see what the @Dreamteam_Guru has to share with us.

Do you have a girlfriend, wife, daughter, son or friend from NSW that has no idea about Dream Team but is bugging you to get involved or you want an excuse to have more time to talk about Dream Team?

For years, Mrs Guru has picked a team based on players she knows.  It has become apparent over time that she only knows high-priced forwards (Franklin, Riewoldt, Rioli, Roughead, Hall, Monfries…), a couple of midfielders (Jobe, Ablett) and no defenders ( – ).  This has meant that she has been loaded with rookies in one position, had an erratic forward line and a decent captain.  Yet to make the finals, Mrs Guru has nearly come to the end of the rope and is threatening to not play DT anymore.

Like Mrs Guru, get your new comers to follow the Guru’s blue print for a competitive Dream Team.  It won’t be the best team in the comp, but it won’t be the percentage booster that some girlfriends submit year after year.

For those senior players out there, below is a list of names that you might not have considered that are potential cash cows – and we all know that you need them to win the competition (memories of 2010 Michael Barlow, and then his subsequent injury and over priced price of 2011).


Pick 2 Premium DEF/MIDs

Choose from Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Scotland, Gilbee, Carrazzo

Pick 1 Premium DEF

Choose from Connors, Enright, Broughton, Mackie, Duffield

Pick 2 Medium Range DEFs

Choose from Dempsey, Everitt, Grima, R Shaw, Thornton, Broadbent

Pick 1 Cheap DEF

Choose from Otten, Tape, Coad, Stanley

Pick 4 Rookie DEFs

Choose from Toy, Howard, Faulks, McKernan, Puopolo, Duigan, Lower, Hutchins


Pick 3 Premium MIDs

Choose from Swan, Montagna, Boyd, Cross, Boyd, Pendlebury, Ablett, Hayes, Judd, K Cornes

Pick 1 Unique MID

Choose from Jack, A Swallow, Tuck, Watson

Pick 1 Cheap MID

Choose from D Swallow, Gaff, Polec

Pick 1 Cheap MID/FWD

Choose from A Krakouer, I Smith, G Rohan

Pick 1 Cheap DEF/MID

Choose from Heppell, Hibberd

Pick 2 Rookie MIDs

Choose from Harris, Atley, Contin, Green, Liberatore, Wallis


Pick 1 Premium RUC

Choose from Sandilands, Ryder, Cox

Pick 1 2nd Tier RUC

Choose from Jolly, Mumford, Goldstein, Kreuzer, Clark

Pick 1 Cheap RUC

Choose from Z Smith, Bailey, Redden, Derickx

Pick 1 Rookie Listed RUC

Choose from Macauley, Curnow, Bathie, McCulloch


Pick 1 Premium MID/FWD

Choose from Didak, Sylvia, Chapman, Harvey, Goodes

Pick 2 Premium FWDs

Choose from Franklin, N Riewoldt, Green, S Johnson, Ginasiracusa, Brown, Cloke, Rioli or another Premium M/F

Pick 1 Unique FWD

Choose from Schneider, J Riewoldt, Stokes, LeCras, Gray

Pick 1 Mid Range MID/FWD

Choose from M Morton, Ler Jetta, Zaharakis, Petterd, Fyfe

Pick 1 Cheap FWD

Choose from Watts, Knights, Veszpremi, Gamble

Pick 4 Rookie FWDs

Choose From Matera, Archer, Richardson, Skiner, Prestia, Lamb, Michie, Day

Now you may have gone slightly over budget if you simply chose the most expensive player in each option, so go back and change a few of the expensive picks.

Ensure you don’t have more than 2 players from the same team for each position.

This should give you a solid start to the Dream Team Season.

Good Luck!






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