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Guns ‘n’ Rookies Strategy: Secret Squirrel

The “Secret Squirrel” is back! He/she is in the final stages of Dream Team preparation ahead of the massive 2011 season and this time, it’s all about the Guns ‘n’ Rookies strategy. Throw some comments out to the SS.

The “Secret Squirrel” is back! He/she is in the final stages of Dream Team preparation ahead of the massive 2011 season and this time, it’s all about the Guns ‘n’ Rookies strategy. Throw some comments out to the SS.

It has been a long time between articles, I have changed my mind on a few concepts. The last article dealt with the use of a mid priced strategy.  Many posters did not like this concept, they preferred a more rookie aggressive approach. Well there is nothing like going from one extreme to another so I designed  a purely Guns and Rookie (GnR) Strategy.


I think it is still important to maintain the use of Dual Position players, with a combination of byes and injuries, I placed importance on players that are highly likely to play 20+ games.   Goddard, Gibbs and Deledio are all likely to play 20+ games and at worst should maintain their average.  These guys almost certain to be in the top 7 for total points scoring for 2011.  Broughton is the interesting pick, he goes against the durability thoughts, Mzungu injury could allow Broughton to find those cheap mark and kicks he so loves. There seems to be a wealth of rookie defender options, there is risk involved but starting two rookies in the position is a calculated risk.

Some people may not feel safe selecting 3 Gold Coast rookies, but I have no problems, two are mature aged and the other would have been a top 10 pick in last years draft.


In the midfield there is no point messing around with the potential premiums, this midfield is all about the best of the best. I would be shocked if these 4 premiums did not finish in the top 5 midfielders in 2011.  I actually challenge anyone to pick a pure midfielder (not DP) who you think will total more points than these 4 premiums!

This is pure scoring power and they’re all DT scoring machines.  The midfield also has links to the backs and forwards. This year those links are going to be highly important. Once again, 3 GC players, but it is a calculated risk.  Mzungu will hopefully play in the back half of the season and Prestia will be downgraded to him to free up cash and obtain a stronger DP link.


The rucks are interesting, but in this pure GnR styled team, it is just aiming high and forgetting about some of the cheaper options. Sandilands is the new king of the rucks and Cox is looking likely to be going back to his old days.   If Sandilands does not miss a game, he is the number 1 ruck scorer by a fair margin.  Once again, selecting two GC players and just hoping that they’re selected in the bye rounds. This is a case of Hedging your bets, surely one of these two talls has to play, surely.  There are not a lot of other cheap ruck options.


Most of these names will be considered by many Dream Teamers, I skipped on Chapman purely due to his injury problems in the preseason, no doubt he will come out and dominate.  Just like in the forwards, I prefer players with a good injury history, add some DP links and you have the right recipe for success.  I would guess most of these players should be in the top ten in total points for 2011.

Didak, Goodes, Pavlich and Krakouer are all DP linked, so that gives some extra flexibility.  The rookies are a wait and see, hopefully getting named in round 1. If they do get named, I am assuming they will maintain their position for a few weeks.

This is a purely GnR styled team, the premiums are not selected for upside, they’re purely selected for points scoring ability. The rookie priced players are where all the value is obtained; then again, it is where all the risk lies.  It is different in many ways to the midpriced strategy, so I hope you enjoy this version more than the last.

I would be interested in hearing which premiums you may prefer in the GnR strategy if some of these don’t tickle your fancy.





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