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Suns v Lions: QClash NAB Challenge report

Nathan Christensen got along to the first QClash between the Suns and the Lions at Southport yesterday. This was the final hitout for both teams before Round 1, or in Gold Coast’s case… Round 2. Here’s his review.

With light showers on and off for most of the game, the skills were lacking at times due to the slippery conditions. I’m not 100% percent sure on stats (check Freako later in the week), but there were several players that stood out in good and bad ways. The Lions ran away with what was a scrappy game in the end.

For the Lions, Ryan Lester and Rohan Bewick definitely stood out in a good way. Especially Bewick. Was all class and got a fair bit of the ball playing on the wing around the center half forward area. Jessie O’brien and Claye Beams also played well could be considered unique picks if thats what you’re after. Less likely to get games though.

Brandon Matera was the standout rookie for the Suns, but everybody will already have him. Double check his stats with Freako if you’re tossing up between either him or Dion Prestia. Charlie Dixon got a bit of it too but im not sure how well he scored DT wise. David Swallow was also one of the better GC rookies.

Karmichael Hunt stood out in a negative way, had a heavy collision with a team mate and a few handballs missed targets. Reports say he has good job security but he wont be a big scorer and lacks class in my opinion.

Tommy Rockliff, Daniel Rich and Matthew Leuenberger were the standouts for the lions senior members from a DT view. The Berger dominated everyone including fraser untill going down with a knee injury in the second half. Reports so far say that it wasn’t too bad and was just a heavy knock. If he’s given the all clear he could be a great alternative ruck option, and if going for a league win he has both byes in the multi bye rounds. If he’s out for a while Mitch Clark could be a good pick up getting back to doing what he does best. He was very average at full forward though, so unless he does get a role change id be steering clear.

Overall it was a pretty scrappy game with rain on and off. There was still a lot of class missing so I wouldn’t be taking their scores too seriously. It was good to see the players who we are expecting to do well performing well. Don’t forget to double check scores on Freako when he releases it.





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