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DT Dreaming with The Cuz: Pre-season 2011

Leigh, the mastermind behind the UNITED WE STAND charity… better known as Cousin’s Coke N Ice around here, has a bit of a theory on not selecting ANY Gold Coast players. Does it have any merit? Read on!

For a lot of the folk out there in DT land, you may remember me from some of my humorous (if not rambling) rants about all things DT last year. If you do remember me… hello again, and if you’re new to DT Talk this year, welcome, and please be kind! Well, after a nice long break and a renewed enthusiasm for all things Dream Team after a disastrous finish to my DT Season in 2010 (Thanks in part to a whooping I copped from Calvin in one of the finals), I’m back baby… and back in a big way!

Before I digress about all things DT, I’ll just throw out a special mention to my boys Warnie and Calvin. I got in contact during the flood devastation happening throughout QLD and VIC with the boys about a fundraiser I was putting together to raise funds for the victims. We put on a 20/20 Cricket match and Concert for Australia day that turned out to be an overwhelming success raising just over $13,000 on the day.

Early in the piece, the boys were more than happy to advertise the event, which came in handy as another follower of DT Talk saw it and offered up his services to create a website for the event (Thanks Irish!). You can check out his handy work at

It came to 2 days before the event and I rang Warnie to give him an update on where we were at, and offered him a place playing cricket with us on the day (I’m in Melbourne by the way). Not only did he tell me he would get back to me within an hour, he got back to me and advised me that not only he was coming, but he was bringing Calvin for the day. Roy was unavailable as he was enjoying his honeymoon, but he got in contact saying he wished he was coming as well! The boys flew over on the morning of the game and flew home the same afternoon, donated some stubbie holders and a Prospectus (signed by them!) and they did this all of their own back.

Turns out Warnie does actually bowl leg spin and finished with 6 wickets on the day! Calvin was pretty handy with the bat also! Not sure who finished with more bragging rights (calvin outscored warnie who managed to lose his wicket a few times in a changed format for 20/20), but one thing is for sure, they had a bloody good time of it! Thanks again boys, I seriously appreciate all of your efforts!

Now all the fluffy stuff is out of the way, it’s onto my Dream team for season 2011.

Ill keep this part short as I know a lot of you out there get sick of reading by this stage of any article submitted, but I am running a different philosophy to many I have seen running in the forums.

Its ground breaking, Earth Shattering, impressive and it is patented, so none of you are allowed to copy!

With the inclusion of Gold Coast this year and them having the bye in round 1, I have made an executive decision to do the unthinkable. NO GOLD COAST PLAYERS!

You read right, Cousins Coke n Ice will not have Gazza, does not (or should I say will not have) Swallow, No Matera, No Daniel Harris, No Josh Toy, No Campbell Brown, NOT 1 GC SUN!

Why is this you may ask? I could turn around tell you to mind your own business, but in the interests of telling you here first, and holding bragging rights after I have won the car, Here it is.

There will be no price rise from any GC players until round 5. In this time, some of my rookies will receive a price rise, and I will have a better idea of who from the Gold Coast are going to be better pick ups before their price increases. Make some early cash and lock in the GC Gold (Sounds like a beer….back to the Patent office!)

So there it is. It’s a pretty simple philosophy when you think about it. You could argue that you can do the same with all of the teams who have byes in the first 3 rounds, but being we have not really seen the Suns in the thick of real football yet, I think this one is a winner! (Thanks Charlie Sheen)

Obviously you need to get your mix right with premiums V rookies etc to really have a chance for the big bucks as well as have a strategy that works for you, but I’m not going to go into who to select in these positions, I’m waiting for other experts to tell me who to pick! (Trust me, I’m not claiming to be an expert by any stretch, follow my lead at your peril!!)

Enjoy the rest of the NAB cup people, may your kicks be goals on the pre season. Look forward to some more insights from Charlie Sheens biggest fan in the not to distant future!


Cousins Coke n Ice
@douthteez on Twitter.





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