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I’m a Gold Digger!

The other night, I (Calvin the Gold Digger) sat down with a Bundy, a pen and some paper and studied the Gold Coast Suns game in detail. My aim was to eliminate and to cement some Gold Coast rookies into my team. Join me and check out some of the GOLD I found. I’ll share it!

Righteo… based on the NAB Cup match recently against the Eagles (27th Feb) I found some very interesting things. Missing from the games were some noticeable lads in Ablett, Bocky, Campbell Brown, Josh Toy, Brennan and Daniel Harris to name up the main ones.

What I have for you today is a detailed summary of the GC players based solely on the match. The numbers next to each player is of course their price and a quarter by quarter break down of their scores. Cause that’s how we do it here in DT Talk land! No stone unturned!



Jack Hutchins ($97,600 – DEF) 5-10-10-8 = 33pts
This kid has a cool hair cut and was solid, but other than that, his 33pts didn’t impress me too much.

Karmichael Hunt ($106,400 – DEF) 2-3-5-24= 34pts
I tell you what, he wasn’t too bad. His last quarter was obviously better when he got 24pts from it, but throughout the game he did some good stuff. He has a ‘sporting brain’ and was hitting targets out of the back half. He was towelled up several times though, mainly by Nic Nat who he played on a fair bit when he went forward. You’d never pick him but he will play this year from sure.

Alik Magin ($92,500 – DEF) 17-22-6-27 = 72pts
Rookie listed! Yep can you believe it, he was one of their best. He was sloppy early and played a fair amount of time in the midfield and then floated forward where he kicked the first goals in the first and last quarters. Ran very hard trying to prove himself and succeeded! He will not be rookie listed for long so watch out as he might be a good mid season target!

Jo Daye ($97,600 – DEF) 10, 11, -4, 11 = 31pts
Daye with an ‘e’!  He played… umm didn’t impress me too much, but he played and scored ok I guess if you can ignore the -4 in the 3rd. .. How would you even get that? 2xFA and a handball?

Danny Stanley ($106,400 – DEF) 20-6-19-12 = 57pts
Oh yeah. Looked very good and very comfortable with the ball in his hands. I say that cause some of the GC boys were fumberly (yep that’s a word and I use it a lot) and just panicked too much. Stanley was solid as. He played the majority of the game in the forward half but did drift back in the 3rd quarter. Looks the good and is certainly ready for the big league.

Jarrod Harbrow ($361,300 – DEF) 16-19-14-12 = 61pts
Played a little of time on the ball but spent most of his time down back and was usually the designated kick out dude. Had a GC high 20d for the game and was a key player for them early. Did some silly things for an experienced player, but was vital for them down back.

Matthew Shaw ($97,600 – DEF) 12-5-1-10 = 28pts
Fubberly, looked sh*t. Scored sh*t.

Michael Coad ($112,400 – DEF) 11-9-14-20 = 54pts
He was their rock! He was what Bocky used to be for the Crows when he played. He takes the kick outs when Harbrow doesn’t and was probably the GC’s best on in the 1st quarter. Coad does do sh*t things though and has the occasional fumble and costly error. But based on what I saw last night, he and only a few others in the GC team looked ‘mature’ enough at an AFL level. What I guess I mean is… he fitted right in with the other West Coast guys out there and never looked out of place.

Seb Tape ($112,500 – DEF) 21, -3, 18, 17 = 53pts
Interesting one! He played as a key position back with jobs on gun forwards like LeCras and did some really good thing early. The fact that they gave him LeCras tell me that they rate him highly. He scored a sh*t -3 in the 2nd quarter but if that quarter was at the same average as the other 3, he would have scored 75. Instead he had 53… but looked good.

Nathan Krakouer ($208,800 – DEF) 2-12-27-10 = 51pts
Was one of the player who looked like he had all day when he got the ball. Used it well as he floated around the back half and was very good. He did lose the plot of a little when he was jumper punching Priddis in the face, when it wasn’t even Priddis who gave him a little kidney punch, but he just snapped (may get a week or two for it). A little more expensive than the others here though but looked really good.

Michael Rischitelli ($399,800 – MID) 17-21-18-28 = 82pts
Was the top scoring GC player for the night and although he is not a rookie it’s worth mentioning. He was like Kraka and had time to kill when he got the ball and although you’d never pick him at $400k… he was good and top scored without setting the ground on fire.

David Swallow ($160,500 – MID) 11-12-18-16 = 57pts
Lock and load baby! A few weeks ago I wasn’t paying this much for a rookie but I found out he is more than worth it. Swallow had 17d for the match and was ‘tagged’ (sorta) by Adam Selwood. Talk about respect! The tag wasn’t that heavy but it was sorta there. In the 1st quarter Swallow was really rather quiet, he did come on late in the quarter though… still had 11pts and kicked on from there. Played 99% of the game on the ball and started the 4th quarter in style getting 4d in the first 3mins. A must and when Gary is next to him it will only get easier.

Trent McKenzie ($97,600 – MID) 5-12-21-19 = 57pts
Was ok for the game and had some good quarters with 40pts in the last half. But nothing great to write about that I noticed.

Harley Bennell ($156,500 – MID) 2-15-14-3 = 34pts
Bennell is now out of my team. He was there instead of Swallow as I was trying to be a little unique… not anymore. Bennell played like a young Eddie Betts. He spent 95% of his time in the forward half/forward pocket. He was good though, don’t get me wrong. He kicked the 1st goals in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and was very flashy. He had a little run on the ball in the 4th quarter but after only 8d (3d at the half) for the game and 2g… I think his role isn’t what we all thought it might be.

Marc Lock ($97,600 – MID) 14-0-12-19 = 45pts
Started on the ball with Nic Nat of all people next to him. Lock had the first kick for the day and floated around a few steps off the pace. He is in the leadership group and should play… but wasn’t overly impressive.

Josh Caddy ($136,500 – MID) 0-0-12-28 = 40pts
Ok… he didn’t start that bad… he started as the sub and came on in the last half. When he did he played 100% of the time on the ball and looked really really good. Didn’t play with the Suns last year and was picked up at #7. He’s a gun! But comes with a little higher price tag than a few others here. But was very very impressive with 9d and 4t in a half!

Thomas Nicholls ($97,600 – RUCK) 13-9-0-0 = 22pts
No Fraser or Smith and this guy had the tap duties first up. Did well in the 1st quarter but Cox was just too good for him! Was subbed out in the 2nd half along with Taylor.

Rory Thompson ($97,600 – RUCK) 14-24-11-16 = 65pts
Yep… he’s a ruck! Didn’t do too much of that though as Nicholls did the majority of that before being subbed. Thompson kicked a super goal in the 1st quarter and he looked good throughout the game. Possible bench ruck to sit next to Smith… just maybe he is. He was the Suns’ 5th top scorer.

Daniel Gorringe ($124,500 – RUCK) 0-19-10-14 = 43pts
Cox made him look really really silly early, but he played and did ok.

Liam Patrick ($97,600 – FWD) 0-0-33-10 = 43pts
Came on as the other sub at the half and went BANG BANG BOOM! He was everywhere. He plays exactly the same way as Jurrah but with way more speed. Then I hear that he is Jurrah’s cousin!! Crazy!

Sam Day ($152,500 – FWD) 3-4-0-4 = 11pts
Ah… no. Too expensive for 11pts.

Dion Prestia ($128,500 – FWD/MID) 14-28-13-16 = 71pts
Is now known as my boy. Prestia plays like a “Mini Chapman” and will one day be just as good as the great man. With that said, he was really awesome! Just like Chappy, he played forward and then with the occasional run in the midfield and even pops up down back just to keep you on your toes. He tackles, hussles and finds the ball. He had 8d, 3m, 3t at the half and finished with 16d next to his name at full time. Just like Chappy he is tough looking, solidly built and although he’s not that tall… he was simply awesome.

Rex Liddy ($97,600 – FWD) 9-3-19-11 = 42pts
Although he’s a forward he played a fair time down the back half. Gutsy dude who went at everything!

Brandon Matera ($97,600 – FWD) 23-34-9-6 = 72pts
Lock… if you haven’t already. He had 57pts at the half and died off after that and copped a little injury half way through the 4th quarter. He is weak and was bashed around by whoever wanted to move him, but he’s quick. He had 10d, 3m, 4t, 1g at the half and only added 4d more for the game. He was their main target inside the 50m and is a must in 2011.





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