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Recycled Players

saint_steve wrote a comprehensive report about players who have changed clubs over the summer. Sometimes we can find an bit of Dream Team gold in these guys.


Sam Jacobs (Carlton) – RUCK – $289,300

Lifted his ’09 average of 45 to 70 during 13 games for Carlton in 2010 beforemoving home to Adelaide. The talk over Summer is that he’ll challenge Maric for the number one ruck spot. However, during the opening round of the NAB Cup, he scored 16 (outclassed by Jamar) and 17 (against a Brogan-less Port). He may take the mantle from Maric, but I doubt he’ll be a DT factor.

Richard Tambling (Richmond) – MID – $237,300

Has plenty of potential, which went unfulfilled in his six years at Richmond. With the retirement of McLeod and Goodwin, the half-back flank beckons. He has the speed and skill to be a great rebounding man, as well as decent resilience. He played 83 of 88 games from 06-09 before an injury-ravaged 13 games last season. It impacted on his DT output too, dropping 89 to 57. Scored 24 and 17 in the opening NAB round and Craig has said he’s not in their best 22 just yet.


Voss recycled heavily at the end of the 2009 season. Let’s recap. Fevola is now on the outer and likely to cost the club $1.5 million while Raines and Clarke continued their frustrating injury-prone careers. Staker impressed and Buchanan did the opposite. No wonder he didn’t pick up any recycled players this time around. Might have scared him off the idea for life.


Andrew Collins (Richmond) – MID – $274,900

Collins had a decent debut season in 2009, averaging 75 across 10 games in the midfield. Despite more games in 2010, a move to the forward line impacted on his DT scoring. It’s hard to see where he’ll fit with Carlton. Its midfield is strong and there’s a wealth of small forwards that performed okay in 2010. Didn’t play opening NAB round but not on the injury list either. Not a good sign.

Jeremy Laidler (Geelong) – DEF – $177,300

Only managed two games for Geelong, but considering Geelong’s defence, that doesn’t necessarily exile Laidler from DT consideration,  especially considering how Carlton’s defence is rated. Only played against Richmond in the NAB, scoring 30 thanks to seven possessions and three marks. Nowhere enough to take a punt but will be worth keeping an eye on over the rest of the pre-season.


Chris Tarrant (Fremantle) – DEF – $185,300

Averaged 44 as full-back for the Dockers last season and is priced accordingly. Tarrant averaged 78 in his last season with Collingwood back in 2006. With Prestigiacomo retired and Brown out for the season,  there’s a spot in the Pies defence for Tarrant, but in 2006, Tarrant played in attack. He won’t average 78 again.


Essendon didn’t pick up any experienced players over the off-season. Then again, they may have spent all their spare cash on Hird and Thompson.


Jack Anthony (Collingwood) – FWD – $218,900

Unlike Tarrant, there may be some value in Jack Anthony. He averaged 70 and played every game in 2009, before injuries and moves to defence curtailed his impact at Collingwood. 53 from seven games is nothing to write home about but if Harvey shifts him back into attack, he’ll
improve and get back to that ’09 form. 51 against Hawthorn and 17 against West Coast in the opening round was erratic but shows enough to suggest his average will go up if he gets the opportunity.

Peter Faulks (Sydney) – DEF – $97,600

While Faulks only managed a couple of NAB games in his time at Sydney, he could get his chance with Fremantle. A full-back coming into a side that just lost Tarrant, he could be a decent cash cow if Harvey plays him. He didn’t rack up the points in the NAB Cup (13 and 5) but he is a full-back. Could be similar to Dawson, keep him until he earns you $100,000 and then get out fast.

Jonathon Griffin (Adelaide) – RUCK – $204,600

Over 41 games in his five years at Adelaide, Griffin never looked comfortable at AFL level. His DT average never reached 50, but at times in his SANFL side Central District, Griffin showed plenty of potential. Unfortunately, moving to a club with the giant known as Sandilands in the centre square and Zac Clarke waiting in the wings, means he’s unlikely to reach that potential unless injury creates an opportunity. Maybe a downgrade target if Sandilands hits the turf.


Geelong aren’t prominent recyclers and kept away this Summer. Marcus Drum technically is still a recycled player since he hasn’t played yet. He had injury hassles again last year and has never played more than nine games in a season.

Gold Coast

Gary Ablett (Geelong) – MID – $494,400

Alongside Swan, Ablett is the gun midfielder of the competition. He has averaged 119 the past two seasons and only missed a few games. There has been plenty of conjecture as to how Gaz will go at Gold Coast. Some say he’ll maintain his average and others contend his scores will suffer in a weaker midfield. He also has the bye in round one. Personally, I won’t shell out close to $500,000 for someone I won’t have round one. Likely to be the biggest upgrade target in 2011.

Nathan Bock (Adelaide) – DEF – $326,100

Was Adelaide’s B&F in 2008 but after injuries and a problem with his missus at an Adelaide pub, his average dropped to 79 in 2010. Will play centre half-back for the Suns and with Harbow by his side, won’t cop a lot of attention when the ball’s coming out of the backline. Didn’t play opening NAB round but he’s a seasoned performer, so you know what you’ll get with Bock, which is around 85-90 a game.

Jared Brennan (Brisbane) – FWD/MID – $361,300

Brennan can be an erratic DT commodity but with Ablett and Rischitelli by his side, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be tagged at Gold Coast. Brennan averaged 87 in 18 games last season, his third year in a row in the 80s. He was finally allowed to settle into the midfield and was more consistent, but McKenna may be forced to push him up forward a lot more with a young GC attack, which may impact on his scoring.

Campbell Brown (Hawthorn) – DEF – $268,600

The Hawthorn nugget wasn’t happy about being used as trade bait at the end of the ’09 season and now he’s taken the money and run. He’s never been a decent DT option, he averaged 80 in 2006, and it’s been all downhill from there. Brown will be vital for the Gold Coast structure in 2011, but not your Dream Team.

Josh Fraser (Collingwood) – RUCK – $228,400

Fraser on the other hand, may be extremely vital for your Dream Team. His average dropped from 88 to 55 last season when he fell behind Jolly and Brown in the pecking order at Collingwood. Moving to Gold Coast, he’ll be the number one ruckman, ahead of the extremely talented Zac Smith. The only risk for DT coaches is if you have Smith on the bench and your fourth ruckman doesn’t play round one. It’s worth picking your fourth ruckman based on round one teams to cover that dilemma.

Jarrod Harbrow (Western Bulldogs) – DEF – $361,300

Harbrow had an excellent 2010, averaging 87 over 22 games. However, he had guys like Gilbee, Lake and Hargave alongside him running out of
defence. If Harbrow plays across half-back again, he will get a forward tag and won’t have a whole lot of support, especially if Brown goes forward. However, if McKenna moves him into the midfield, he could take the next step with the talent running through the midfield for Gold Coast. Harbrow only scored 27 and 21 in the opening round of NAB. I have no doubt he’ll be a gun eventually, but I can’t shake the feeling 2011 won’t be the year of Harbrow for DT coaches.

Daniel Harris (North Melbourne) – MID – $114,400

After 45 and 42 in the opening round of NAB, I’d be surprised if Harris wasn’t one of the most selected players in DT this year. Harris only  averaged 67 in his last year at North Melbourne, but was restricted to 10 games. In 2010, he averaged 25 disposals a game in the Gold Coast VFL team and appears to be relishing his role as a senior player.

Nathan Krakouer (Port Adelaide) – DEF – $208,800

Krakouer had moments of brilliance at Port Adelaide but never played more than 19 games in a season or averaged more than 68 in a season.
Gold Coast went after him and he has potential as a rebounding half-back but when an official claims a player could be great but ‘just needs some love’ from his club, you know he’ll be high maintenance and inconsistent. Scored 37 in his one NAB Cup outing.

Michael Rischitelli (Brisbane) – MID – $399,800

With Ablett and Brennan in the Gold Coast midfield, you’d expect Rischitelli to maintain his breakout 2010 average of 96. He’s resilient, playing 89 games in the past four years. Could be a unique pick for your fourth midfielder.

Danny Stanley (Collingwood) – DEF – $106,400

Stanley only played five games in four years at Collingwood, after being taken as pick 21 in the 2005 draft. Stanley’s never averaged more than 48 in a season but at 23 years of age and being solidly built (182cm, 88kg), Stanley may be a good asset for Gold Coast in a team of slightly-built teenagers. Played opening round of NAB for 18 and 72. Might be worth the risk as a bench defender, despite the round one bye providing uncertainty as to whether he’s in Gold Coast’s best 22.


Cameron Bruce (Melbourne) – DEF – $375,300

Bruce played 21 games for Melbourne last season, averaging 90 a game, before walking out to move to Hawthorn. The Hawks seem to keen on Bruce as a rebounding half-back player, which would allow Hodge to spend more time in the midfield. However, Bruce didn’t play NAB Cup opening round, so there isn’t much to go on for 2011. He’s also 31-years old and his average has steadily declined since 2006. He seems risky to me but looks like a risk plenty intend on taking.

Kyle Cheney (Melbourne) – DEF – $159,900

Another Demon to move to Hawthorn over Summer. Cheney had a promising debut season in 2009 before falling out of favour in 2010, playing just two games. With Brown gone, Cheney could fill the void as a hardnut small defender. Scored 27 in his only NAB outing thanks to 8 possessions and 2 marks.

David Hale (North Melbourne) – FWD/RUCK – $184,800

With Roughead and Franklin up forward, you’d have to think Hawthorn recruited Hale with the ruck spot in mind. With Bailey coming back from his 100th knee reconstruction, Renouf could do with the support. In terms of DT, Hale has never been amazing, an average of 73 in 2008 his best in the past five years. Another that didn’t play in NAB round one, so to this point, we have no idea how he’ll go in a new team.


Robert Campbell (Hawthorn) – RUCK – $92,500

After retiring in 2009 with a dodgy knee, Campbell is back in the AFL with Melbourne. Campbell played 116 games for Hawthorn and won a premiership in the process. Could provide solid back-up for Jamar if he is fit.

North Melbourne

Ben McKinley (West Coast) – FWD – $264,100

Being traded to a young team on the verge of finals footy which is crying out for forward targets is a dream come true for McKinley. Whether he can make the most of this opportunity remains to be seen. Scored 17 in each of his opening NAB Cup matches. At his price, you’d want to be very confident he has a place in North Melbourne’s team.

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide were inactive over the trade week, but did end up with Simon Phillips, who spent 2006-07 on the Sydney list. He played five games in that period and didn’t average over 30 in that time. He also broke his jaw at training last week.


Shaun Grigg (Carlton) – MID – $346,700

Grigg showed some great signs at Carlton, playing the last eight games of 2010 for an 84 average. Grigg headed to Richmond in search of more opportunity and should get it at Tigerland. He hasn’t been sighted at NAB Cup level and Carlton are out, so he’s one you’ll either have to take a punt on or keep a very close eye on at the regional games.

Bachar Houli (Essendon) – MID – $255,100

Houli wasn’t popular at Essendon and I have no idea why but at Richmond, should get a lot more opportunity, especially with his pace and ability to break the lines. He might be off a lot of DT radars due to his awkward price, but there’s no reason he won’t improve on his 77 average from 5 games in 2010. Another that didn’t play in the opening NAB Cup round, so an element of risk involved in his selection.

Brad Miller (Melbourne) – FWD – $211,800

Miller wasn’t popular at Melbourne in 2010. He managed just six games, despite booting 42 goals in 15 games at VFL level. With a young forward line, Miller will be important for the Tigers on the track but as a rookie listed player, may get limited opportunities on game day. At that price, you’d want to wait for a long-term injury to Jack Riewoldt to commit.

St Kilda

Ryan Gamble (Geelong) – FWD – $157,800

St Kilda has a decent history of recruiting players to fill specific voids and Gamble is no different. Beginning his career as a mid-sized forward, he was eventually moved to defence and never recovered. Ross Lyon sees Gamble as the perfect foil to Riewoldt and Koschitzke as the third forward. He played NAB on the weekend and contributed 50 and 41, including four goals. Could be a great 7th forward, but may be competing with Andrew Krakouer and Drew Petrie in a lot of teams.

Dean Polo (Richmond) – DEF – $185,200

Another that was traded to St Kilda with a specific role in mind. After losing Ball in 2009, McQualter dropping off a bit and Armitage not coming on as expected, Polo will be in the mix as the in-and-under midfielder to help Hayes out. Polo has never averaged 70, but at $185,200, he won’t need to. At 24 years of age, if he gets regular games, he could be a reliable cash cow. He didn’t play on the weekend though, so you’d have to keep a close eye on him for the next three weeks.


Andrejs Everitt (Western Bulldogs) – DEF – $281,700

If any side can make Everitt reach his potential, it’s Sydney. With 36 games at the Bulldogs over four years, Everitt failed to cement his spot and peaked last year with a DT average of 68 (from 12 games). Everitt’s arrival could free Malceski up for more midfield time, so structurally he should have more security at Sydney. Scored 13 and 32 last weekend, but the 13 was against GWS and the ball wasn’t at this end too much.

Matthew Spangher (West Coast) – DEF – $213,300

The key defender couldn’t establish a spot in West Coast’s defence. I know they have Darren Glass, but still, it is West Coast’s defence. That doesn’t fill me with hope for 2011. Spangher averaged 51 from 8 games last season and didn’t play NAB on the weekend. Realistically, Spangher would have to be insurance and not much else.

West Coast

West Coast though after finishing bottom with a 4-18 record, they didn’t need any help from experienced players.

Western Bulldogs

Nathan Djerrkura (Geelong) – MID – $166,100

After just four games in his time at Geelong, the Western Bulldogs chased and caught Djerrkura. A smaller midfielder, he’s only averaged in the 40s for DT thus far but scored 49 from his two opening round games. If the Bulldogs name him round one, this 22-year old could be a unique cash cow.

Justin Sherman (Brisbane) – MID – $277,700

The Sherminator wanted out of Brisbane after 17 games in 2010 and a DT drop of 19 points per game. He got his wish when the Bulldogs snapped him up. With his lightning speed, Sherman will be used through the middle a lot more this season and his DT returns should reflect that. As with a lot of recycled players, Sherman is at an awkward price for DT coaches but his returns of 39 and 26 in this Twenty-20ish format on the weekend show he has potential in what is sure to be a top-four side.

Patrick Veszpremi (Sydney) – FWD – $206,400

After scoring 71 in his only game for Sydney last year, Veszpremi finds himself at the Bulldogs; a team in need of small forwards. With the departure of Akermanis, Eagleton and Johnson, as well as the rookie-listing of Hahn, a spot in the front six is there for Veszpremi’s taking. He started the NAB in good style with 43 against the Kangaroos, including two goals. However, he followed with just 6 against Geelong… then again, small forwards are always inconsistent. If he looks cemented in the Dogs’ best 22, he’ll earn you $100,000.





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