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FULL – no more entries please. Thanks for the many people who entered and sorry to those who didn’t make it. Big thanks to those people who arn’t selfish, sooking and crying about missing out as well. 13 spots wasn’t many so you had to be a little lucky… no more cash leagues will be run, but feel free to set your own up amongst your mates.


Want to join the only DT TALK CA$H league of 2011? Join Warnie, Roy and Calvin as we compete to see who can get the highest national ranking at the end of Round 24, to see who can take out the big prize!

1st Prize = $3,000

2nd Prize =$1,000

Make the Top 8 = $100

The boys from DT TALK will be competing and paying their way in this non profitable competition.  The entry fee has been equally divided up into the prize money and all 16 entrants will eligible.

IMPORTANT: This is a National Ranking Competition only for people OVER the age of 18.


The Process

It will cost you $300 to enter and the first 13 people to respond will receive an email confirming their position in the league with DT TALK’s bank details so your entry fee can be deposited.

$300 must be deposited within 2 days of you receiving your confirmation email or your position will be passed to the next people in line.

When your entry has been received, you will then be sent a “We have your money” email with the league code attached. Then join us and let the fun begin!

Answering ALL the 7 areas.

1 – Team Name:
2 – Your Real Name:
3 – DOB:
4 – Phone Number:
5 – Email Address:
6 – Do you understand that the competition is strictly a national ranking competition?
7 –  Do you understand that the final positions of the entrants at the end of round 24, will decide the winners?

WHY NATIONAL RANKING? – This competition is based on national ranking to avoid people ‘teaming up’ or ‘throwing’ matches in an effort to project others forward.  These are dirty tactics used in leagues matches and therefore will be avoided here as this is a national ranking competition making it every man/lady for themselves.





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