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DT TALK Champions Leagues – FULL

UPDATED: Wow… all leagues are now FULL to the brim. Stay tuned for more leagues that will be released over the weekend. Lets say…. ummm around 5.00pm Saturday! Be quick and represent your state!

Righteo, after our last lot of leagues went through the roof, we have your 2nd wave of leagues here, named after ‘CHAMPIONS’. Some past and present guns for you to join here! Be quick and once again… let us know in the comments when the league is FULL and we’ll do our best keeping it up to date… but understand it’s tough!

DT TALK Swanny – 101038
DT TALK Ablett – 814483
DT TALK Pink Pig – 203531
DT TALK Juddy – 224917
DT TALK Dane Swan – 752744 (New)
DT TALK  Bartel – 918129
DT TALK Boyd – 529349
DT TALK Cousins – 847400
DT TALK Gibbsy – 601833
DT TALK Cox – 929935
DT TALK Buddy – 964180
DT TALK Chapman -581449
DT TALK Didak – 114435
DT TALK Hodgey – 777473
DT TALK Riewoldt – 352633
DT TALK Kirk – 746785
DT TALK J.Brown – 909578
DT TALK Hayes – 676661
DT TALK Pendlebury – 472830
DT TALK Montagna – 150090
DT TALK Goodes – 339877
DT TALK Pavlich – 198551
DT TALK Barlow – 871814
DT TALK Sandilands – 676666
DT TALK Presti – 403247

DT Internationals 2 – 221990
This league is reserved for our international DT users. Thankyou.

* Note all the 6’s in Hayes’ and Sandiland’s code… maybe an omen for 2011?? owwwwwww

Updated Last: 11.43am Friday





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