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Deck of Dream Team

Leigh Montagna: Deck of Dream Team 2011

We will all be looking for a couple of premium midfielders to start with. I’ll definitely be starting with Swanny, but the second position is up in the air. Time to talk myself into picking Leigh Montagna – Dream Team superstar from the Saints. Oh… and Happy Australia Day!

Name: Leigh Montagna
Club: St Kilda
Position: Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 4 (multi) & 14
2010 Average: 112
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 115

Why should I pick him? Joey Montagna was a member of a lot of good Dream Teams last year and is a definite favourite of those who picked him from the start in 2009 where he took his ’08 average of 87 to 115. This bloke is nothing short of a Dream Team gun! Remarkably durable missing only 3 games in the last 5 years (which really is not missing a game in the last 3 years except for that bloody game down here in Launceston where they rested half their side). Anyway, Joey has averaged very well over the last few season and in the last two has ranked just behind Swan and Ablett as the best in the competition. At 27, he is prime picking in DT in a ‘top 4’ team with plenty of good players around him. He has the ability to smash massive scores with 9 scores over the magical 120 mark last year and in that, some thumpers – how did you like the 128, 135, 129, 133 he go back to back? Or that massive 151 against the Crows?! Wow. He is a machine.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Montagna won’t be coming cheap. Priced at 112 is down from his 115 the previous year and these are the only two years he has averaged over 100 points. Both of these years were seasons that St Kilda made the Grand Final. Hmm… that could be where the worry is. A lot of people are writing the Saints off this year and his Dream Team scoring may suffer. I personally don’t buy into that.

Deck of DT Rating. ACE – I’ve not no problem in thinking he’ll average over 110 and be a top 5 midfielder for 2011. If you’re not starting with Swanny (WHY?!), then he is a dead set captain option for almost $50K less. Be aware that his first bye is in Round 4 – a multi bye round shared with Brisbane and the Bulldogs – which shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Simple thing is – get on!.





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