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Deck of Dream Team

Jack Redden: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Jack Redden is another one of these guys approaching his third season and after averaging 90 in the second half of his 2010 season, he is one to watch for sure!

Name: Jack Redden
Club: Brisbane
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 4 & 19
2010 Average: 79.3
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? Redden is an interesting one I reckon. He was drafted at pick #25 in the 2008 draft which means that 2011 is his 3rd year and we all know that this usually means a break out season. He only averaged 79 last year so there is plenty of room for improvement and with the way he ended 2010, I’ll show you why. In the last half of the season he averaged a massive 90.2, compared to the 68.5 he averaged in the 1st half of the year. Redden is certainly on the up and no one can argue with that. He played every game last year and is therefore in the Lion’s best 22! He’s another Brisbane player who fit perfectly into your team if you are going for a league win as their bye games will only count towards your national ranking. According to the Lions, Redden is one of the standouts on the training track in 2011, ripping it up and is in very good nick!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Because he’s only played 30 games of AFL, and although he’s young, he is still a bit of an unknown dude. Lets not forget that the Lions suck. They will most likely struggle again this year and with a struggling team comes struggling players. Plus, these guys are not cheap… being priced at an average of 79, he’s one of those players, who are in their 3rd year that may go BANG or PFFTH… and you better make sure you get it right.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – smokey! Redden is certainly one to watch! His end to 2010 was very impressive and in his 3rd season, I think you’d be mad to not consider him.





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