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Deck of Dream Team

Sam Gilbert: Deck of Dream Team 2011

The man at the centre of the #dickileaks scandal is named as a Defender/Forward this year in AFL Dream Team. He was the 4th highest scoring DT defender in 2010 and has plenty of potential to keep improving… as long as his role isn’t screwed up!

Name: Sam Gilbert
Club: St Kilda
Position: Defender/Forward
Bye Rounds: 4 (multi) & 14
2010 Average: 93.2
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 90

Why should I pick him? The official photographer of the St Kilda Football Club finished the year playing 22 games with the 4th most points for any defender and the 5th best average. There would be a lot of fans of Gilbert in Dream Team because in 2009, he took his ’08 average of 50 up to 89 and was close to the best pick of the year! He is now playing a perfect Dream Team rebounding role for the Saints which racks him up the points. He had 13 of his 22 scores over 90 DT points with a thumper of 152 in Round 3 against the Magpies. The added bonus, if we can find a decent link, is that he will be controversially classed as a defender/forward for 2011.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? You’ll be outlaying a fair bit of cash for a bloke who probably isn’t the most popular guy around the Saints at the moment… but I’m sure that will all be forgotten about out on the ground. We can get a few poor scores from Gilbert – some people may blame him for a Grand Final loss last year with only 58 in the DT GF. His role is often changing, one minute he could be getting a forward tag on him, then he is tagging himself. Also, Ross Lyon has spoken about more time in the forward line. Not a great thing for his style of DT play.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – Sam Gilbert will have a point to prove… and a lot of making up to do from his team mates after the Dickileaks scandal. He is one of the top defenders in Dream Team and should continue to be so. If we can find a good link on our forward or back bench, he is close to a lock! However, I am far too worried about his potential role in 2011, so at this stage it’s a no from me. But with some positive NAB performances, he should still be selected as he is a mega chance to be a top 5 back (or even forward) this year.





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