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Deck of Dream Team

Brent Stanton: Deck of Dream Team 2011

My first Bombers player I am looking at… mainly because I don’t see a lot of value in many of them and if you make the Grand Final, they won’t be playing! Brent Stanton still has some improvement in him and we all know he is a DT slut!

Name: Brent Stanton
Club: Essendon
Position: Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 10 & 24
2010 Average: 99.5
2010 Games Played: 20
Predicted Average: 105

Why should I pick him? Essendon’s pure Dream Team specialist, Brent Stanton is a little DT whore-bag. He racks up plenty of uncontested touches all around the ground… but especially in the back half in 2010, and when playing for Essendon, is a must! The Bombers can’t get much worse, so they should improve and therefore Stants should improve a bit. The better Jobe Watson and Brent Prismall (and other midfielders) get, the better it is for Stanton as he will be a long way down the line for a tag. He has only missed 4 games in the last 5 years, making him very durable. To top this off, he is being mentioned in every article from the Bombers about how well his pre-season is going… latest was that he ran 16.2 in the beep test! Hopefully that means there will be plenty in the tank this year for prolonged time on ground!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? He’ll miss the Grand Final if you are playing for a league win, so you’d want to have a trade up your sleeve. Stanton stuggles with a tag, but is probably getting to be a player with less impact on the game than others so won’t attract as much attention.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – He is pretty much a DT gun and at 24, turning 25, is in peak Dream Team age range. I can’t see him going backwards and while he may let you down sometimes, he is capable of those 120+ scores. The only problem is that he won’t be playing in Round 24… so deal with that as you wish!





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