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Brad Sewell: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Brad Sewell is leading the way during the Hawks pre season, the only question is, can he return to his 2009 form where he led the way with his DT scores and a 100+ average. If you think he can, thats a premium player priced at an average of only 82.

  • Roy

Name: Brad Sewell
Club: Hawthorn
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 6 & 17
2010 Average: 82
2010 Games Played: 18
Predicted Average: 98

Why should I pick him? Brad Sewell has proven that he can be an elite Dream Teamer. In 2009 he had a massive DT breakout as his role chanced from tagger to attacking midfielder. With this role change came a dramatic rise in average from 85 to 101. In 2010 it was a less than ideal start to the year for Brad missing the first four rounds and not getting his DT season really going until 15 where he scored his first 100 for the season. Over the next 5 weeks he averaged 95. Hawks football manager Mark Evans recently singled out Sewell as the standout performer in this years pre season to date, which is promising after last years interrupted start to the year.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? I think the only reason people wouldn’t pick Sewell is he is in an awkward price bracket that doesn’t fit everybody’s structure. The last 3 years Sewell has played 18, 19 and 18 games for the season so the desire for an injury free year becomes a slight concern.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Personally I think Sewell will be a King by the end of this year. If the pre season report is true, there is no reason he will not bounce back to his 2009 100+ average. The fact that he is such a good tackler reduces the risk of this selection because he only has to rack up 15 touches and he will still produce a respectable score. Before this article, I was not even considering him, now I am.





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