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Nathan Foley: Deck Of Dream Team 2011

He averaged 85 in 2009, and then with just 4 games in 2010 with an average of 71, Nathan Foley is an under priced gun! But is he right to go? And is this injury prone dude over his bad luck?

Name: Nathan Foley
Club: Richmond
Position: Hi 5… Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 11 & 19
2010 Average: 71.0
2010 Games Played: 4
Predicted Average: 84

Why should I pick him? Ha ha ha, firstly don’t get him confused with one of the ex Hi 5 front men who carries the same name. Bugger me! Anyway back on topic, you must look at picking this guy as he’s another one of these guys who will be dramatically under priced. He only played 4 games last year (avg. 71) after going down after round 9 with a recurring Achilles injury. In 2009 he had a great season where he averaged 85.1. This is where he showed us what he can do, and after an average of 71 last year, with that being discounted once again (as he played less than 10 games), this cheap midfielder might be worth a thought.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?Well… he is mega injury prone. He’s 2009 campaign end at round 14 with a season ending ankle injury. This ankle took a while to heal, causing him to have an operation, making him miss the start of the 2010 season. He played in 2010 in round 5. Then he went down again with that Achilles injury which once  again cut short his season. Damien Hardwicke said in November this year, ”He has started some pool work, he is running around unhindered probably for the first time in 12 to 18 months which is exciting probably not only for the supporters but for the coaching staff also because they have probably only witnessed him playing half a dozen times.” In fact, Richmond supporters have only seen Foley play 41% of the possible games over the last 2 years… this is a huge risk for DT coaches.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – risky risky risky. Mega under priced but is this worth the risk? I reckon it is, if Nathan can have a solid pre-season, doesn’t have to be great… he just needs to get through. One positive is that Richmond’s first bye is in Rd. 11 and by then you’ll have a good idea or not if Mr. 41% is back to Mr. 100%!





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