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Colin Sylvia: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Here is todays Deck of Dream Team post about one of my 2010 boys, Colin Sylvia. He has now played two seasons averaging in the mid-90s but hasn’t strung together a full season because of his body… and mind. Premium dual position forward? Maybe?!

Name: Colin Sylvia
Club: Melbourne
Position: Forward/Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 5 & 16
2010 Average: 96.2
2010 Games Played: 15
Predicted Average: 100

Why should I pick him? AFL Dream Team Potential. That’s what he has shown over the last two seasons. I picked up Colin Sylvia half way through the 2010 season and was very happy with his output… when playing. He clocked up a nice average of 111.1 in his time at the Warne Dawgs in 7 games. He had a season high of 149 against the Lions in Round 18 and clocked over 80 Dream Team points in 10 out of his 15 games – his consistency is improving. He should be named as a midfielder/forward again meaning the flexibility of dual positioning and at 25, is in the peak of his DT life. If you’re playing for a league win, then he also has the added bonus of playing all league matches due to playing on multi bye rounds. Big plus there.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? You will be faced with a bit of heartache with old mate Colin if you select him. I couldn’t believe my luck, just after picking him up in 2010, he succumbed to a rare blood clot thing in his toe that kept him out for 3 matches. He is also a bit loose and has faced the tribunal a few times over his career. I did say his consistency is improving, however, he can be a bit up and down… but those are the things you take with a ‘forward’ player. The downside, if you are going for overall ranking, is that Colin has his two byes on the multi bye rounds. Ouch.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – Colin will be picked to be a keeper. Priced at an average of 96, there is still upside in him and he looks set to be one of the top averaging forwards in 2011. The Demons are continually improving and with that, players like Colin Sylvia should be too. If you’re going for a league win, there won’t be many better options… for an overall win, the risk wouldn’t be worth it. We just need him to string together more than just his normal 15-16 per year and be an out and out gun in Dream Team.

* The picture of Colin is for the 3 girls who visit our website…





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