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NAB Cup? NAB Crap!

With the NAB Cup starting on February 12, DT coaches should be getting excited about checking out and scouting the talent for 2011… or not? There’s is once again a new format to this ever changing pre-season competition, and it will be DT hell for DT coaches!

NAB Cup 2011

Well, bugger me! Next year starting on February 12th, well see yet another new look AFL Pre-season format. This year it proves to be hell for DT coaches around the world. The new format takes a cricket 20/20 style format where teams play 20mins halves. Help!

“Supporters will see their team play twice and, all up, there will be three matches played during a three-hour period,” said the AFL’s chief operating officer Gillon McLachlan.

“This format allows for three matches, along with a first week where players can play one match for 40 minutes, with a light run, or play both games for 80 minutes of football.”

Oh whoopy bloody doo! This will not only be a sh*t competition, but hell to monitor players new roles, rookies, who’s running hot/cold and so on.

To add to this, the AFL is looking at a 30 man squad for each club in the opening round.

The upside to this is that all the 18 teams will be involved. We will get a sneak peak at the young GWS team for 2012 and more importantly the mighty GC17 squad for this year and it is expected that former rugby league stars Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau will both take to the field…or should I say, stink up the field.

So, let us know your thoughts on the new format and how it will effect your DT pre-season.





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