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Boag’s Draught Dream Team Group Winner

Congratulations to Jordan Robinson from NSW who was the winner of $500 in the Boag’s Draught/DT TALK Group for 2010. We had a HUGE response to our group with 1285 people joining in. Thanks heaps to all who entered and be on the look out for more DT TALK competitions and leagues next year!

  • Warnie

Congratulations Jordan!

Jordan Robinson from NSW was the winner of the Boag’s Draught/DT TALK group in 2010. His team “Hall vs Staker” finished up with 34th overall. Not a bad effort at all. Click here to see his final team.

Our group had 1285 people signed up to it. This was a HUGE turnout with us being one of the biggest groups in the whole competition – only being beaten by a couple of AFL clubs. Great work team!

Next year we are looking at expanding our leagues and also hope that everyone joins in on the group too. Stay tuned for more competitions over the pre-season and during 2011.





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