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WarnieBet: AFL Finals Betting 2010

The Dream Team season is over so to keep things interesting, we’re going to load up some bets over the week. Follow Warnie’s finals bets.

What can Warnie turn his $100 into?

I am keen to get something good out of this season after a disastrous Dream Team year… and that is to make heaps of money from the AFL Finals Series.

There are plenty of betting options happening over the finals and best of all, there is still Dream Team betting.

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Basically, I will start with $100 in my account and I will update this post when I place a bet… and see what it will turn into.

Account Balance: $100

Saturday 4th September – Freo v Hawks

Hawks (Win by 1-39). Paying $2.25. $20 bet. FAIL!

Hawks (First to 15 points). Paying $1.83. $20 bet. FAIL!

DT MULTI. Pavlich (to beat Sandilans and Franklin) + Burgoyne (to beat Mundy and Lewis). Paying $7.67. $5 bet. FAIL!

Account Balance: $55

So, that wasn’t pretty! Let’s try some more for tonight.

Saturday 4th September – Magpies v Bulldogs

Dream Team. Beams to beat Harbrow and Cloke. Paying $2.70. $10 betFAIL!

Dream Team. Pendlebury to beat Boyd and Cross. Paying $2.75. $10 bet. FAIL!

Collingwood to lead at end of each quarter. Paying $1.78. $20 bet. WIN!

Account Balance: $15

Finally backed a winner! You beauty. Must aim to get back to even today. Come on Warne Dawg!

Account Balance: $51

Sunday 5th September – Swans v Blues

Swans (win by 1-39). Paying $2.25. $10 bet. WIN!

DT MULTI. Judd (to beat Murphy and Goodes) + Jude Bolton (to beat O’Keefe and Waite). Paying $6.76. $10 bet. FAIL!

Dream Team. Grundy to beat Kirk. Paying $1.83. $10 bet. FAIL!

Account Balance: $21

Well, nice to get 2 winners for the whole weekend… FML! I guess it could have been a lot worse. Down $47 for the weekend. Can’t wait for week two of the finals… should be able to find a few bargains!

Account Balance: $43

Friday 10th September – Cats v Dockers

Time for some rebuilding…

Dream Team. Broughton to beat Mundy. Paying $1.83. $10 bet.

Dream Team. Hill to beat Fyfe. Paying $1.91. $10 bet.

DT MULTI. Chapman (to beat Bartel and Selwood) + Kelly (to beat Broughton and Milburn). Paying $6.13. $5 bet.

Ballarat Dogs Race 4. #3 “Dee Tee Talk”. $18 bet.

Account Balance: $0

Stay tuned for results and more bets.





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