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Round Review

That was the DREAM TEAM season that was…

Here is your chance to analyse your 2010 AFL Dream Team Season. Award your Brownlow Medal, Rising Star, name up your best and worst calls of the year and a whole heap more. Say goodbye to your 2011 squad!

Copy and paste the following into the comments and review your 2010 season.

Team Name:
Final Ranking:
League Results:
DT Brownlow Medalist:
DT Rising Star:
Best Round 1 Starter:
Worst Round 1 Starter:
Best Trade:
Worst Trade:
What have you learnt this year:

Here’s what we thought of our years…


destROY – Coached by Roy

Team Name: destROY
Final Ranking: 9,025th
League Results: L, L, W
DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan.
DT Rising Star: Luke Shuey (won me the GF).
Best Round 1 Starter: Swan, Goddard
Worst Round 1 Starter: Relton Roberts, Ben Warren and Paul Medhurst.
Best Trade: In- Joel Selwood after a slow start.
Worst Trade: In- Leon Davis.
What have you learnt this year: Don’t pick so many sh*t players!

Click here for Roy’s team.


CALVINATOR. Coached by Calvin.

Team Name: Calvinator
Final Ranking: 4,010th
League Results: 3rd
DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
DT Rising Star: Ashton Hams
Best Round 1 Starter: Luke Hodge
Worst Round 1 Starter: Robbie Gray, Nic Nat (sorry mate)
Best Trade: Brendon Goddard
Worst Trade: Jonno Brown/Matthew Pavlich
What have you learnt this year: That there is a big difference between people who chase a good national ranking compared to the people who chase league wins. There was always a difference but the gap between these people and how they play the game is amazing. The other thing I learnt is that ‘dual position players’ are worth their weight in gold and something I will look at next year more carefully. Oh and I also learnt you can’t control injuries, late withdrawals or just bad luck, so be unique and pick dudes you like cheering for. Cause at the end of the day… if you are going to go any good, you’ll need a sh*tload of good luck.

Click here for Calvin’s Team.


WARNE DAWGS – Coached by Warnie.

Team Name: Warne Dawgs
Final Ranking: 5,435th
League Results: 3rd and out in straight sets / 14th! / Premiers Baby!
DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
DT Rising Star: Michael Barlow
Best Initial Pick: Barlow obviously, but Beau Waters too.
Worst Initial Pick: Robbie FUCKING Gray.
Best Trade: Robbie Gray out for Colin Sylvia (even though his toe nearly died.
Worst Trade: Mitch Clark to Mark Seaby.
What have you learnt this year: It’s hard to catch up with a sh*t starting squad.

Click here for Warnie’s team.


I’m Not Happy – Coached by Chopper.

Team Name: I’m Not Happy
Final Ranking: 6,808th
League Results: 9th, 9th and 2nd
DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
DT Rising Star: Hanebery
Best Round 1 Starter: Michael Barlow
Worst Round 1 Starter: Relton Roberts
Best Trade: I don’t think I had one
Worst Trade: Getting rid of Brown to Chapman… no need.. Brown had 134
What have you learnt this year: I have learnt not to trade out players that are consistent starters in their respective teams just because they bottom out in price… needed the cover in the finals.

Click here for Chopper’s team.





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