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The Ashes: Grand Final

Our Ashes challenge against the boys from FanFootyUK has ended up as we had hoped, an Aussie vs Pommies special. Check out the rundown from FFUK member, Brogie.

The Road to The Finals

The Race for the Eight ended with the aussies the dominant force. They claimed 5 of the coveted 8 spots, and even set up an all-convict Qualifying Final guaranteeing them a place in one of the Preliminary Finals.

That place was taken by Dilston Daisys who edged out President Orbama, who had an impressive 14-1 record in the ladder. Was this to be the beginning of a massive choke for the Orb. The other qualifying final saw FanFooty’s finest, Mancdave take on the Ranga Gambier Gaitus. The King Pom held his nerve and secured a place in the preliminary finals, leaving the ranga to wait and see if hed be placked with another pommie king hit.

The Elimination finals were both a FanFootyUK v DT Talk matchup. First up it was Viddleodge v Straya. The ladder projected that the convict would prevail, and the ladder doesnt lie, well not in this case. Viddle went one step further than his beloved tiges, but true to form for a richmond fan, he got well and truely placked in the end up, going down quicker than cousins on a line of coke
The other eliminator saw fanfooty resident donkey sligo face off against Drew M’s straps. The donkey was a big gamble in the fanfooty fraternity, and he didnt disappoint. Donkey usually times his run to perfection come finals time, and in this one he got up by just over 30 pts.

In wk 2 of the finals, it was further eliminations, this time in the semifinals. We had another all convict matchup first. This time the Orb recovered from his finals chokehold to edge out Straya with a massive 2377. The other semi saw the well hung donkeys go hard as they brushed aside the ranga gambier.

That brought up last weeks Preliminary Finals. FanFootyUK V DTTALK, POMMIE (well sort of SPUDDIE POM:lol: ) V CONVICT
1st Preliminary Final was Dilston Daisys v Well Hung Donkeys. Optimism was high amongst the fanfooty faithful that the donkey was coming with a wet sail. The optimism was dampened come sunday when dilston daisys and his my little pony logo  cruised by the flogged donkeys.
Would we see the aussie dominate the major finals, or could Mancdave put up the fight. He was up against the Pres Orb, who had an impressive DT record all season. On form it didnt look good for dave, but come matchday no one expected the mother of all chokes from the Convict Pres. He choked like no other aussie before him, well not since Michael Hutchence  , leaving Mancdave’s Handle with Care to cruise into the final.


mancdave.jpgVs dilston.jpg

Representing FANFOOTYUK


Points Scored in Round 21: 2,222
Overall Points Scored This Season: 44,484
Overall Ranking: 1,413

Representing DTTALK


Points Scored in Round 21: 2,298
Overall Points Scored This Season: 43,998
Overall Ranking: 3,434


(Assuming no trades)


Goddard / Hodge/ Scotland / Enright/ Waters / Hargrave / Shaw (McPharlin / Silvagni)

Swan / Montagna / Chapman / Pendlebury / Boyd / Bartel (Howlett / Palmer)

Cox / Clark (Warnock / Prato)

Didak / Pavlich / O’Keefe / Franklin / Rockliff / Brown / Reiwoldt (Podsiadly / O’Brien)


Goddard / Hodge / Gilbert / Enright / Carrazzo / Kelly / Shaw (Schofield / Webberley)

Montagna / Selwood / Boyd / Hayes / Bartel / Mitchell (Shuey / Gysberts)

Cox / Sandilands (Warnock / McNamara)

Goodes / Harvey / Giansiracusa / O’Keefe / Johnson / Brown / Reiwoldt (Gumbleton / Trent Dennis Lane)





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