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Grand Final Watchlist: Wednesday

What is there to know for today? Hmm… there isn’t much, but some news that there is doubt on Alan Didak – which could hurt a lot of Dream Teams in the Grand Final. Jonathan Brown is rumoured to be out… this has happened a lot! But for those with Prest… he will be out again! FMDT!

Pretty quiet day really. Here’s what we’ve found.

For anyone who was stupid enough to be tricked into Simon Prestigiacomo‘s bargain basement price, well… he will miss this week. But the real news from the article about Presti is that Alan Didak may miss because of his shoulder. Fingers crossed he will get up.

There has been a betting plunge on Sydney as there are rumours that Jonathan Brown is a chance to miss the game. Rumours, but could be a worry!

Mark Harvey has pretty much said all of the Dockers would be back (the ones that matter to DT anyway). He added that Matthew Pavlich would be as fit as he has been for 6 weeks. If you kept him, he could be a big X-Factor in the Grand Final.





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