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The Plus Four: Round 20

Stupid, stupid game. The Warne Dawgs are out of the league finals. But they went down swinging… and weren’t the only team to go out in straight sets. Sorry destROY. It’s now all about 2011 here at camp Warne Dawgs!

The Dream is Over!

After 20 weeks of trying to turn the rabble that is the Warne Dawgs into a decent team, I have now been knocked out of the finals in straight sets. Warne Dawgs 2183 defeated by Collingwood 2281. Very sad. It has been an interesting ride (which we will hear about later on) but now it has come to an end… and I will be able to de-stress without the pressures of coaching my Dream Team each weekend.

I wasn’t the only one out in straight sets… destROY was also defeated on the weekend. That sets up our preliminary finals for next week:

Calvinator vs Fist Smashfight
Walkie Talkie vs Collingwood

I’m tipping a Calvinator vs Collingwood grand final… with Calvinator taking the chocolates.

Jobe, it’s called ‘football’

I’m an Essendon supporter and the only thing that game me some hope was the leadership (and ball winning ability) of our captain Jobe Watson. But what was frustrating was the fact he had 30 possessions yet only managed 84 points. That is almost impossible. Well, not if you handball it 28 times in that. Yes, that’s right… 28 handballs and only 2 kicks. I knew when I started with Jobe that he is a handball happy customer but that was ridiculous. Jobe, get the ball onto the boot mate and we’ll all be a bit happier!

Double check… then triple check your team

I made a rookie error this week. I forgot to make my captain Dane Swan. He was my number one pick (well, Calvin told me he was) but I forgot to click the ‘C’ on him after going off him last week with Leigh Montagna. So we all saw how that ended up: Swan 116 v Montagna 67 . Pathetic… FMDT.

It’s funny, I did a double check of my team just before lockout because I remembered I didn’t make Luke Shuey an emergency. So the moral of the story… like when I leave the house “phone, wallet, keys” you need to “captain, vice captain, emergencies” before you log out of your Dream Team!

Trading for Finals Glory

As we know, it is do or die this week in Dream Team. Obviously anything can happen over this week – teams on Thursday night will forever be an interesting prospect… with some players under big clouds, and may cop a bit from the Match Review Panel too. But once you are set – trade hard! Look at who might be some dead wood this week. If you can trade someone like a Ryan O’Keefe to someone who might actually score for you, then do it! Let everyone know what you’re thinking of in the comments.

Looking towards 2011

Word is that Virtual Sports are getting close to confirming the game structure of Dream Team in 2011. We have had a sneak peek at it and the way it is set up will add to the strategy of the game – and make a website like ours very important over the pre-season. It will be very interesting with how the roster will run… and what it will mean to team selection. Stay tuned!

First picked in 2011?

If you aren’t all over Drew Petrie as your first picked ruck next year… you either have a life, or are still concerned with DT this year. I’m neither, but he is locked. As soon as the season is over, we will be in DT2011 mode, so be ready to start thinking about locking players for next year!

I’m out… this game sucks!



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