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The Plus Four: Round 19

The Warne Dawgs are shattered after their 3 point loss to Calvinator in their Qualifying Final. That’s what the Double Chance is for and they’ll be ready to roll next week against former world number one, Collingwood. Bring it on!

Heartbreak at the Warne Dawgs

The big qualifying final in our DT TALK League was between my Warne Dawgs and Vin’s Calvinator. We obviously talk too each other about DT way too much because at the end of the day, we only had 5 players different. It came down to the final game of the round. Calvin holding onto a 98 point lead with Ryan Hargrave to play… he needed 99 for the Warne Dawgs to get the week off. First quarter, 25 points – on track, third quarter, 36 – nice and last quarter a very tidy 29. Oh, sorry… I missed the 2nd quarter! FIVE-FRIGGEN-POINTS! Not good! So agonisingly went down by 3 points. I won’t be blaming Hargrave though… it’s going to be on Colin Sylvia. He gave away three free kicks, forgivable… but the amount of times he was tackled without getting a possession counted sucked. Take a leaf out of Dane Swan‘s book. Get it on the boot! I should have backed Swannie in as captain too. Damn! Went soft going with Leigh Montagna – copying Calvin.

Here’s how we looked this weekend… and what we’ve got ahead of us.

Oh but I scored more than everyone else…

…is what I am sure Chopper would be saying right now. He was unlucky to have missed the final 8 on percentage, but then smashes out a 2306 which would have won all but one game in our league finals. Nice scoring Chop! Good luck in the Tit-ed Cup!

Mad Monday

Mad Monday has started for a quarter of the competition now… after losing the Elimination Finals. Obviously you can keep playing for national ranking – and can try to score more overall than your eventual league winner (which I’ve done a few times before). Or you can starting thinking about DT 2011. We will have some news on how that will look soon… and also think about who your locks are already for next year! Robbie Gray anyone?!

Saturday Afternoon at Transport

It was great catching up with everyone on Saturday afternoon at Transport and then heading to the massive game! Was a ripper of a day! Looking forward to next time… nothing better than talking DT over a few beers!

Very short and sharp this week. What are the big issues for you?



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