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DT Dreaming with the Cuz

Its got to that time of year people! The magical Round 19 which can only mean one thing to Cousins Coke n ice!

Episode 3 – Let the Finals Begin!

Its got to that time of year people! The magical Round 19 which can only mean one thing to Cousins Coke n ice!

Numpty Finals!

That’s right! In the only two leagues I give a damn about, I’m in the Tackling Tit-ed Cup! Fortunately, this week provides even more significance for my good self! In DT Talk Cash league, the one I really wanted to go well in, I take on the one and only (and disappointing!) Calvinators!

This Land Luvin Pirate who knows more about captain selection than anyone in the universe is going to be my arch nemesis this weekend! How poetic that I will have a chance to catch up with him for a beer on Saturday to discuss how Cousins Coke n Ice are pulling his pants down! (Note to self – Don’t show up if I have a crap DT Friday night!)

So the scene is set, 2pm Transport Bar Melbourne. I’ll be wandering up to the Pirate – I phone in hand, AFL DT Live Scoring site set, ready to discuss and argue the benefits of why I am going to kick his arse!

So this week im going to have a quick squiz at the respective lineups and determine whether I stand a chance for real!

Fantasy Freako Round 18 Last 4 Game Ave Predictor:

The Backlines

Very technical term I have used for predicting the outcome of the match isn’t it!

Hate to admit it, but my backpain, I mean backline is on struggle street in comparison to Calvins. The 3 players we have different in the backline are going to cause Cousins Coke n ice much worry. Vin has James Kelly, Beau Waters and Andrew Carrazzo who between them have averaged 263 points per game in their last 4. The combating players for this position for Cousins Coke n Ice is Heath Shaw, Ben Nason and Jeromy Webberley. Average between them: 196. Calvinators in the backline lead with 67 points….NEXT!

The Midfields

The midfield is a sneaky chance for CCnI to get back into the game here! We have 3 different Midfielders also, and im happy to say that the Cuz has the upper hand here! I have different to Vin, Ablett, Boyd and Jude Bolton. Vin has Montagna, Hayes, Watson. Combined the Cuz average score is 329 for these 3. Vins score: 315. 14 points back to the Cuz! NEXT!

The Rucks.

Both of us have the Sandi man sitting as our number 1 ruck. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t! (On recent form should be dropped, but you never know when he will turn it around!)

Difference here is Vin has Natanui whereas the Cuz has the Paddy! Mr Ryder may be taking on his nemisis in the Nic nat Paddy Whacker (Pun intended!), but rest assured, if there is going to be any whacking, it will be Paddy in this match! Ryders last 4 game average is 87 points compared to Nick Nats 62. 25 Point differential in favour of the Cuz! NEXT!

Forward line

Crap. 2 players different, and my confidence is beginning to falter…..Calvinators will be kicking off Forward line proceedings with Didak and Pav. Between them averaging 191 in the last 4. Cousins Coke n Ice will be playing Reiwoldt (Nick) and Rockliff. 171 ave in past 4. Vin gets 20 points back…….BOOOOOO!


Cousins Coke n Ice’s chances of defeating The Calvinator looks slim. Overall point differential between us looks to be 48 points.

I have one thing to say though. Who gives a stuff about averages in the home and away season! It’s a whole new ball game in finals (I know its only Dt Finals!) and I know that my boys will come out to play! There is also form history here as well that looks a lot like Essendon and St Kilda. Essendon has the wood over the Saints yet the saints are higher on the ladder. Cousins Coke n Ice has this similarity over Calvinators!

Round 12 The Cuz took on The Vin and scored a win 2286 – 2277!

Lets hope History repeats!

Who will you have as your captain for Round 5?

  • Dane Swan (62%, 1,421 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (8%, 192 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (13%, 305 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (6%, 134 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Justin Westhofff (5%, 116 Votes)
  • Someone else (4%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,296

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Don’t forget if your in Melbourne over the Weekend to head down to Transport Bar at Fed Square at 2pm for a few Frothos with the DT lads!

Cheers and go Cuz Coke n Ice!





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