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Wanna Bet On It?

I bet you that Scott Thompson will score more points than Deledio and Vince this week? “Oh yeah right V8!” C’mon bro then… bet on it!

Just thought I’d chuck it out there and see who is betting on what this weekend? Personally, there are some ripper and after studying for my Calvin’s captains post I place my bets. I’m getting up around $150 a weekend so I thought I’d show you who I’m going this weekend.

Feel free to do the same bets if you like, but remember to always bet within your limits and just bet for fun… cough cough, and to make MILLIONS over at

Kane Cornes to outscore Mitchell/Buddy
Scott Thompson to outscore Delids/Vince
Value as a multi – $6.50 (approx) got $20 on it

Adam Cooney to outscore Swallow/Griffen
Pavlich to outscore Priddis/Embley
Value as a multi – $7.00 (approx) got $20 on it

Thompson to outscore Delids/Vince
Outright paying  $2.60 (got $25 on it)

Lenny Hayes most touch Vs Essendon
Outright paying $5.00 (got $20 on it)

St Kilda to win by 39.5+
Outright paying $2.25 (got $20 on it)

So yeah.. all bets are based on a fair bit of research, so love it or leave it!
Odds listed were correct as of late Thursday night





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