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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 18

Yo yo wicky whack dawgs – the Irish Pirate is in the house and I’m Pugwash Pumped after another huge week in picking captains. Ohh yeeahh, and this week it will be no different. So check out the best captain coverage in the land – All aboard.

First up we need to check out my form. Yep I’ve been ripping it up all right. Oh and might I add that it’s not as straight up as picking the best dudes in the league. Goodes got a run this week and didn’t let me down and the others are gun, I agree, but lets not forget that I mentioned “Selwood and Bartel” as good options and what also had 162 and 100. Oh yeah, I’m the man. Swanny was solid again for his 133 who just beat my #2 in Ablett (126). Chappy was his usual self, but it was Montagna who sucked for his 68, but I did have him at #5 so you should have had one of the other boys who was ahead of him anyway… if you listened.

Also something we need to consider is the old 100+. Things have changed quiet a fair bit as well. Brisbane have given up the most 100+ scores in the last 3 weeks by a mile. Carlton make an unexpected appearance here by giving up 13×100+ scores in the last 3 weeks. On the other hand, we have some teams that would be risky pickin a captain against. The WBD, Collingwood, Geelong are there as expected… but check out the Dees, crazy hey. They have only given 5×100+ scores  in the last 3 weeks, ranking them as the 3rd hardest. MAD!

Lets get into the real stuff, and if you haven’t worked out… after a 3 week break I’m back.. and I just hope my form can be as good as it has been. For those who have forgotten… the numbers next to the players listed are their average Vs this week opponent based on their last 3 games against them… righteo, let’s go!

Essendon Vs St Kilda

Hayes – 127
Jobe – 125
Montagna – 121
Voldt – 113
Dal Santo – 102
Goddard – 91
Stanton – 73

Lets get the party rolling with what promises to be huge scoring game to open the Friday night. Lenny Hayes is the pick of the group here with an average of 127 his last 3 against the Bombers. 122, 111, 147, 90, 118, 116 are his last 6 scores against them, which makes them his 3rdfavourtie team across his career.  He has cracked 10×90+ scores on them out of the 13 times he’s played them and should crack 100 easy this week. Just to make things better… he has scored over 100 in his last 7 games at Etihad. Lock and load and BANG! Goddard doesn’t have the best average here, but he has scored a low score of just 96 in his last 11 this year. Dal Santo has had 4×100+ scores in his last 5 against them and the guy most people will like here is Montagna. After 68 last week he should bounce back.  137, 109, 122 are his last 3 scores on the Bombers for his average of 123. He had a game high last time they met (137) and also had 31d, 9t in Round 8 this year. Jobe Watson also has impressive numbers and if you read on you’ll see why. He had 96 in his last game against them and back in 2009 he had scores of 146 and 133. The Saints are his favourite team by a country mile. The Voldt gets a mention just to encourage his comeback, but despite his 113 average, you’d be mad to back him this early. He is looking good though… but not yet!
CJT – What is now being called the “CJT”… the Clinton Jones tag, is something we need to watch. The CJT goes to Stanton and held him to just 62 last time they met. Run free Jobe… that’s why he scores so well guys.
Last Time They Met– This was in Rd. 8 this year as I’ve said and the Bombers won by 12pts. 7 St Kilda players cracked the magic ton and should have a field day again.

Collingwood Vs Carlton

Swan  – 123
Marc – 109
Gibbs – 104
Judd  -104
Pendlebury – 100
Didak – 75

Righteo here is the boy that has been carrying everyone’s team for the last month or so… Our boy Swanny… but can he keep it up? Well, he has averaged 139 in the last 6 games this year and has averaged 137 in his last 3, so based on form… he’s worthy of a #1 pick again. In his last 3 against the Blues he has averaged 123 with games of 140, 121, 97. But before that he’s just as good. He has averaged 122 on these guys over the last 4 yrs dating back to 2006. Just to prove it… 137, 109, 109, 123, 136, 114. The Blues are his 3rdfavourite team and with an average of 140 at the MCG in his last 3 this year… all I ask is “please keep reading.” Didak isn’t worth much of a thought with 0x100+ scores in his last 6 against them. Pendlebury had an impressive 115 in his last match against, but it’s the Blue boys who impressed me here with averages all into the 100’s. Judd plays his 4th favourite team this week with previous scores of 110, 71, 130. Bryce Gibbs is hitting good form with a low of 97 in his last 6 games this year. He’s gone 103, 92, 118 on these guys in his last 3 so watch him. Marc is just as good, probably better with previous numbers of 110, 111, 107, 135. The Pies are his 3rd favourite team and with an average here of 109, he should be a good bet as well.
Rd. 6, 2010 – Here the Pies smashed up the Blues by 53pts. Joseph tagged Davis and will again as Davis is showing some form and last time Davis only had 35. Swan went head to head with Simpson for his 31d, 6m, 8t. In total 12×100+ scores were had in the game which tells us that we should expect plenty of 100’s once again!

Port Adelaide Vs Hawthorn

Hodge – 98
Buddy – 94
Kane – 93
Mitchell – 60

I don’t we think have too much here to look at based on those averages. Hodgey is probably the main pick with his average of 98. In his last game against Port he had 131 (26d, 10m) and kicked poorly for 1.5g. That 100+ score is his only 100+ against these guys in his last 6. Um, not good. Plus in his career of 10 games at AAMI he has only cracked the ton once as well. Um, not good. Buddy averages well here but has not cracked 100 on these guys ever! That’s over his career of 7 games. Mitchell gets the Kane Cornes tag, it’s a sure thing to happen again. With previous scores of 59, 75, 45… Kane kills him and will again.
Rd. 11, 2010– Last time they met the Hawks got up by 11. Hodgey was tagged by Thomas but still had that 131. Kane was tagged by Kane as I’ve mentioned and Buddy did not play.

Sydney Vs Geelong

Ablett – 145
Corey – 122
Stevie J – 113
Bartel – 105
Goodes – 100
Chapman – 100
Selwood – 100
Kirk – 74

Lets start with the Swans. Adam Goodes made my top 5 last week and ripped it up. with previous scores of 63, 117, 121 he might do it again this week. The Cats are his 2nd favourite team of 2009 and with an average of 133 in his last 3 this year he is certainly worth a thought! Stevie J has good numbers here with 111, 79, 149 in his last 3 against them, so he could do anything. Joel Corey is back in the mix and with scores of 139 and 126 in his last 2 against the Swan he should kill them again. Chapman is the same, he had 27d, 3g last time they met for his 139 and should go off again. Joel Selwood had a massive 162 last week and is just coming into some really wicked form and therefore should always be considered… but don’t go chasing those 160’s off him. Barnacle Bartel has had 4×100+ scores in his last 5 against these guys but has burnt some people this year with his captaincy and if you are like me, then you won’t be going back there for a while. But then we have Gary Ablett and oh my does he have a wicked record against the Swans. Ok lets take this slow so we all get how good he is. He averages 145 in his last 3 against them with scores of 167, 141, 126 and also a 150. The 167 was from this year, and that’s his best for 2010. The 141 was in 2009 (3rd best that year) and the 150 (4 games back) was his highest score for that year of 2008.  In the last 3 years, the Swans are Gary’s favourite team!! The 141 he had 2 games back was ANZ in 2009, where this game is. Sold yet. Surely you must be!
Last Time They Met– Back in Rd. 7 this year the Cats pumped the Swans by 67pts and there were a lot of tagger to chat about. Jude went to Jimmy (98) and the Pink Pig went to Mc Veigh (66). Chapman had 27d, 3g for his 140 despite the tagging efforts of Mattner. Jack went to James Kelly to start with and then was moved to Ablett after the 1st quarter as Gary was going head to head with ROK and was killing him!  It didn’t matter cause Gary had 167pts with 38d and 10m.

Brisbane Vs Melbourne

Green – 108
Black – 87
Brown – 84

Brad Green has been killing it this year and is averaging 103. The Lions are his favourite team to play… BY A MILE. 89, 90, 145, 104, 135 are his last 5 scores and therefore carries the average up there of 108. Watch out for another big one from him. Good trio bet if he’s an option for you this week. Simon Black got a mention above just so I can keep the “colour” theme going up there. Jonno Brown was ok last week against Geelong, but last time he played the Dees he had just 38pts. Yes yes he did play ‘sore’. In that game, Melbourne won by 50pts and the Lions looked crap. But lets not forget that JB hasn’t cracked a ton in his last 11 games this year. It’s a gutsy call if you wanna roll with him this week.

Richmond Vs Adelaide

Thompson – 120
Deledio – 98
Vince – 92

Not a great deal to discuss here. Delids has alow score of just 91 in his last 4 against the Crows and Bernie Vince has gone 109 and 106 in his last 2 back at them. But it’s Scott  Thompson’s average of 120 that I’d like to prove is not a typo. He has gone 121, 124, 115, 129 in his last 4 against them and that makes them his favourite team to play over the last 3 years. He has only played at the MCG once this year for… ummm, just 78.

Western Dawgs Vs Nth Melbourne

Boyd – 98
Cooney – 96
Harvey – 86
Gia – 79
Higgins – 66

Cooney is a ranga. Yep red as blood. But he did have a 147 (36d, 9m) in his last game against them in Rd. 9 this year which was his highest score in DT for the last 2yrs. Higgins’ 66 average there is just from 3 games too. Boyd has been going offa. He has averaged 131 in his last 3 games this year and has averaged 130 at Eti in his last 4. You gotta watch him this week to kill the Roos. He has played these guys though 10 times and his highest score ever on these guys in only 112. Surprised me anyway. Brent Harvey got the Picken tag last time and will get it again. He did have 94 last time they met, but Boomer isn’t even on your radar, surely not.
For Goodness Sake Lake– Last time these guys met… Lake had that massive 192 (41d, 22m). In that game the Dawgs won by 70 and they had 8 players who scored 100+ and 7 players who had 25+ touches.

Fremantle Vs West Coast

Pavlich – 116
Priddis – 109
Cox – 98
Sandilands – 96

Priddis has cracked the 100+ mark 4 times in the last 5 games he has played the Dockers and should be a great chance to do it again. Pavlich is the one to watch though. He’s had 119 and 136 in his last 2 against them and averages an ok 95 at SUBI this year. But his form is sh*thouse, with 0x100+ scores in his last 10 games this year – YUCK.
37 Vs 53 – That’s what Cox and Sandilands scored last week. You must be kidding me. Arguably the best 2 rucks in the DT business and they do that. Bugger me, you boys better lift.

Righteo, who do we go? Personally… Swanny’s form is just too good, but you won’t hear a thing from me if you wanna go Gary instead. I tell ya what… there are so many options this week, you’d struggle not to find a dude to score you 120. Good luck guys but I must roll with the man who has been so good for me lately.

Who will you have as your captain for Round 2?

  • Dane Swan (58%, 1,792 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (25%, 774 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (6%, 201 Votes)
  • Sam Mitchell (1%, 46 Votes)
  • Joel Selwood (2%, 59 Votes)
  • Someone else (7%, 227 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,099

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