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The Plus Four: Round 17

Warnie has taken the reigns of the Plus Four back after Amanda did a magnificent job last week. Hopefully you’re looking alright after Round 17 and are all amped up for this last roster game this weekend.

Warnie has taken the reigns of the Plus Four back after Amanda did a magnificent job last week. Hopefully you’re looking alright after Round 17 and are all amped up for this last roster game this weekend.

My Underachiever Rant

How about this round? So many dudes performing below par. It started Friday night for me with Corey Enright throwing up his 59 (after his last two weeks of 58 and 42). Time to go? How about your respond to the chop! Leigh Montagna wasn’t much better with his 68. I was completely gutted with my ruckmen combining for 90 – Aaron Sandilands (53) and Dean Cox (37) should be getting 90 each as a par score. Hideous. But the worst of all, and I’m sure we will hear more about him, was Ryan O’Keefe. Twenty-f**king-three points. 23! Not good enough ‘premium’ forward. Blah. I’ll take the good with the bad though. A score of 2116 isn’t a bad thing considering those scores – and I did have Colin Sylvia get me 124. I’m not complaining!

Trade of the Week

For those of us with a few trades in the bank and those who are trying to maximise points for these last 5 rounds, OUT James Podsiadly and IN Nick Riewoldt will be a very common trade this week. The Fantasy Freako brought it up last week with the info that the jPod only has one game left at Kardinia Park and his average away from there is less than pretty. He struggled on Saturday, only getting to 63 points with his one goal. The upgrade to the Voldt will cost you around $50K.

My only worry with picking up the Voldt would be that he is likely to be ‘rested’ in one of the last few games. His run home is: Essendon, Port Adelaide, North Melbourne, Richmond and Adelaide. Hardly anyone there for the Saints to worry about. The biggest worry is that Adelaide is over at AAMI in Round 22. You don’t want the Voldt out for your Grand Final!

Etihad Surface

It’s funny that this is an issue week in week out and the AFL keep saying it’s ok. It sucks if the players are a chance to be injuring themselves because of it. As a Dream Team coach, I demand the AFL do something about it! Leigh Montagna is a chance to miss this week because of it. Either fix it, or give me a free trade if another one of my guns goes down at Etihad!

The DT TALK Curse

Tackling Tit-ed wanted me to do some research on what is the DT TALK Curse. After we interview people, they suck the next week. Well, last weekend we interviewed Justin Sherman (stay tuned to our episode this week) and he was sh*t on the weekend and then dropped for this week. Yep, sorry Shermo… but Xavier Ellis didn’t have too many worries the day after we interviewed him! He smashed out a nice 108 score. Nice work superstar.

This is no curse here… but if you remember back to our first episode of this year (the first pre-season one), you would have seen our interview with Jesse Crichton. Our boy made his debut on the weekend with a decent game racking up 13 touches and a Dream Team score of 50. Great work mate. Downgrade a dude on your midfield bench to him!

The Worm: Team Swan v Team Ablett

I think all of those ‘Sweet Merciful Jesus’ followers finally clicked the C on someone else this week, on the week that Gary Ablett found some form with 126. Dane Swan wasn’t beaten though knocking out 133. The cool thing about this contest was watching their scores on FanFooty going head to head. Even though they were playing in different games, we could see Swan v Ablett going agasint each other. It was much like watching The Debate but instead of some Ranga and a bloke in Dick Togs, it was the Nude Nut and the Inked One.

One Roster Game Left

I got myself a decent win this week. I don’t care that he has one of the worst teams in our league, but the 18 point victory was enough to cement my spot in our Top 4. This will be a huge week for a lot of leagues working out what will be our final 8 and then looking at Round 19 for the first week of finals!

Keep Saturday in Round 19 Clear

We are heading over to Melbourne for Round 19 (celebrating Roy’s birthday) to see Carlton v Essendon on Friday night and Geelong v Collingwood on Saturday night. But on Saturday arvo, we’ll be heading to a pub to watch Swans v Hawks and Roos v Dockers on TV with a whole heap of beers. Not sure of the venue yet, but we will keep you posted. Should be a fun arvo talking sh*t and a good warm up for the big game that night. Hopefully we’ll see a few there. If you can’t make it for the Saturday arvo drinks, we’ll definitely be heading somewhere after the footy both nights. Make sure you add us on Facebook as we’ll let you know of our whereabouts there.

We’ll be filming an episode tonight so stay tuned for that! Will feature a few special guests! Happy Monday!



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