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Roy’s Real Estate: Round 16

Lets have a look at the best prospects and bargains from the forwards, mids and backs to help us pass time until we pull the trade trigger!

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Similar to Calvin’s Captains and my team (destROY) Roy’s Real Estate will not be up to the usual standard this week due to work commitments. But as I still have the hope that Mitchell, Goddard, Brown and Neon may be back to cover my 0’s this week, that’s enough “excited hope” to conjure up the energy to look quickly at a couple of categories. From the positions I cover, I will look at the best possible and the biggest bargain.

Get in my forward line:

Paul Chapman: Chappy is by far the best forward option in the league. He is an absolute machine and hasn’t looked like skipping a beat. Hopefully the 2 week break he took mid season is enough to get him through to finals. His average the last month is 120 and you wont find another forward even close to that! Priced at $459,400 and a BE of 96.

Adam Goodes: Look who’s back in the midfield… as a goal kicking midfielder. Last week, Goodsey said goodbye to his role as a target forward and said “hello midfield, I remember when we won a Brownlow or 2”. Against the Roo’s he was back to his dominant best, and I can say that confidently as he actually matched his best ever score with 158. Priced at $345,900 and a BE of 5. (yes no typo, better get on quick)

My mids need a serious boost:

Dane Swan: All arguments are over, Swanny is this years king of DT. After an inconsistent/slow start to the year by his standards, the great Dane has clearly put his hand up as AA DT captain. He is averaging over 140 the last month, a tally most of my players struggle to get in 2 weeks and has a 150 average in his last 2. Priced at $521,300 and a BE of 88.

Daniel Connors: It looks as though Cous’s right hook knocked some serious DT sense into old DC. In the last two game alot of tigers have lifted their work rate and scoring but it seems Connors has been the best of the lot. His last two weeks have produced 116 and 132 which are scores well above his price. $316,500 and a BE of -12.

Get me some back relief:

Brendon Goddard: Taking his rostered break a couple of weeks early this year, Goddard is ready to bounce back this week to say “sorry” for the poor late withdrawal effort last week. Goddard is an absolute champion of the game, and more importantly, DT. To have a backman that is so consistent and capable of such big scores is a Godd send. (haha, that was good). Priced at $478,900 and a BE of  116 he is a must have for any team that wants to be taken seriously in the finals.

Nathan Lovett-Murray: If you are after a unique backman to take into your finals campaign who has great scoring potential, combined with his increasing consistency, Nathan LM might be your man. He looks 10 times the player he has in the past and is coming off a great game of 122, especially great considering how badly his team SUCKED! Priced at $384,100 and a BE of 63.

Well by the time team are posted, no doubt I will have to carry doughnuts again. Thankfully I have written this already because that little straw might have broken the camels back. Good luck this week, enjoy discussing your trades! destROY.





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