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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 16 UPDATED

Oi hey!!! Calvin’s Captains has now been updated with my wickedly awesome Top 5 and a sickarse poll. So get in there and vote.

Righteo. Last week I did it again! Oh yeaahhhh! V8 TIME!!
Swanny was my number #1 pick and again did not let us down with another huge 141. A huge 61% of people took him as captain this week and will most likely again this week. ¬†Montagna was my #2 pick and he had 129 and Gary Ablett is having a few low ones these days (low 100’s I mean) and he racked up 109. The other boys were solid but this is another week were old V8 drilled 5×100+ scores. What more do you want? But with that said… I did it with your help! Thanks heaps for last weeks effort lads, but unfortunately you guys were too good! I’m calling on your help again as I am once again snowed under with work. But I promise you that I will be back next week with the normal much loved Calvin’s Captains format.

Help Calvin Out

As before and last time… fill in the form below and lets try to cover as many of the GUN players as possible. Lets cut the crap and not cover Presti and those twits. The more guns we can cover the better stuff we are going to have. Once I’ve seen enough… I will post up more Top 5 and also have a poll ready to go! Should be up by Thursday Arvo. Thanks again guys and lets work together here in the land of DT TALK to drill more rippers.

Consider This:
Predicted Score:

As before I have started the research, showing how it’s done with my man DANE SWAN. The more details the better lads so get to it!

Player: Dane Swan
Vs: St Kilda @ MCG
Form:In case you have been dead over the last few weeks, Swanny has been going off with 141 and 161 in his last 2 weeks. His form has been awesome and you can nearly just pick him based on this alone.
History: He averages just 93 in his last 3 against the Saints with scores of 112, 89 and 79. This is not good!
Consider This: He played them last in Rd. 3 this year where he had 26d for 112pts (tagged by Geary, pffth). Clinton Jones went to Didak (84) which is good news for us and might go to him again. But what happened in the games where he had 89 and 79. The 89 was the QF last year where he only had 24d and went head to head with Lenny (Jones went to Didak again) and in the 79 game which was in Rd. 7 that year, and Jones did tag him then for his 24d and Swan hurt his knee in that one as well. The good news here is that Jones has gone to Didak in the last 2 times they met. Swanny should be free, and with the form he is in… eeeww. Swan had 150 in his last game at the MCG on top of that. But they are playing St Kilda… one of the best lock down teams this year. Worried? Not me.. he should be fine! You must back him in based on form alone.
Predicted Score: 120

How can you not have Swanny as #1. He has been on FIRE (hence the pic). The other guys are going to smoke it as well this week so fingers crossed that you have a good pick with your captain this week! For me… SWANDAWG!! But I must admit… Hodgey and Bartel look very promising… Thanks for your help too guys

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