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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 13 (cont.)

So you’ve had a crack at the Loop Hole! Now what? Keep the VC score?… or pick another captain hoping for a bigger number? This week we have some bloody jets playing and I’m here, like I always am, to give you the world’s best DT captain advice. Oi oi argg me hearties lets go!

Last Weeks VC’s

So last week the smart DTers out there had a crack at the Loop Hole in an effort to get a double crack at a captain, and not many people were successful. Now this is not a bad thing, yeah yeah, your Vice Captain most likely stunk it up – but you get another crack at it again this week (if you did it right). Hodgey let 49% of Loop Hole punters down with his 61 and so did Stanton (90) who had 14% of followers chasing his wicked history against the Hawks. They were the most popular pciks meaning that most people will be chasing someone this week. Thos who gambled a little harder might just be taking Buddy’s 130, Barlow’s 121 or Boyd’s 114… but where do you join the line? I know we have a lot of greedy DTers out there!

Where do You Draw the Line?

Personally, if I got over 110 off my VC last week, that’d do me just fine. I went Sam Mitchell and his 98 was not enough for to give a bunny the “C” this week. 98 is not enough and I’ll be risking it with a big gun this week. Boy’s 114 is an interesting one as is Barlow’s 121. Some people will chase an Ablett 150 or a Swan 140 this week, making their weekends very stressful, making them wonder… am I doing the right thing?

Right, I’m looking at the 2 main games this week in extra detail – and I’m not looking at the Adelaide V Melbourne match, cause lets face it… if you are looking at a captain from that game, your team really sucks.

Sydney Vs Collingwood

I’ll do this game first but, not much here to chat about really, but we do have a few interesting lads we need to cover. Best pick of them all. Dane Swan! He has averaged 134 in his last 3 games this year and carries an average of 113 in his last 3 against the Swans here. He has previous scores of 90, 127, 122, 130 in his last 4 and should crack the 100 mark again. Sydney traditionally give up little 100+ scores. 67% of the time this year they have only allowed 2 or less players to crack the 100+ mark against them ranking them the 2nd hardest (behind Geelong) to score DT 100+’s against. Shouldn’t matter as we are talking about the Great Dane! Sydney are Pendlebury’s worst team to play DT wise, and like many before him, he will struggle again this week. Didak has gone 61, 141, 123 in his last 3 but those 100+ scores you see there are his only 100+ scores against the Swans in his career of 12 games. Finally he has worked out how to score against the Swans, lets hope he remembers. But remember all captain choices against Sydney are risky! Do not forget this lads!
Last Time They Met – This was in Rd. 21 last year and Goodes was the only player to crack the ton with 123. Pendle had 74, Didak 61 and Swan apparently got tagged by Shaw for his 22d (90pts). The big news here though is… Kirk went to Pendles, I repeat… Kirk went to Pendles and held him to 74. He will be going there again, lets hope so for Swanny’s sake!

St Kilda Vs Geelong

Massive, massive, massive game for DT. We all must have a lot of players here and it will be a huge night, even more so if you are looking at a captain option here. I sure am! Best pick from the Saints would have to be Lenny Hayes. With his last 7 scores going 116, 127, 112, 122, 106, 129, 104 he is surely on many coaches radar this week. His form has been awesome and he will be pumped for this one and should add to his impressive record here with another 100+ for shizzle! Next best pick from the Saints is Goddard who averages 106 in his last 3 here or Montagna who has the same average over the same amount of games. Montagna had 103, 108 against them in 2009 and then a 108, 134 against them 2008, watch for a big one off him. Especially with the Pink Pig on the scene. The Pink Pig tags Dal Santo! Guaranteed! Dal Santo plays his 3rd worst team this week and hasn’t scored over 100+ in his last 5 here, thanks to the tag of the Pig. Then we have the Cats! My best pick here believe it or not… isn’t Ablett. It’s Bartel! He averages 124 in his last 3 games against the Saints and has previous scores of 111, 137, 123, 114, 150. In fact, in his last 9 games against them he has cracked 100+ an impressive 7 times. He averages 127 in his last 5 against them and add that to his average of 122 at the MCG this year (4 games) Jimmy might just save you this week. Then I’ll go Ablett. 103, 115 are his scores against them In 2009 and before that he did have a 129. This is his second worst team to play DT wise (behind Adelaide) and his 3rd worst in 2009 of teams he played 2 or more times. He has only posted 3×100+ scores on these guys in his career of 13 games… What does this mean? It means a Clinton Jones tag. I reckon Jones is the best tagger along with the Pig in the AFL and can kill our DT with ease. But then again this is Gary Ablett and he should be fine, but Jones is bloody good! Chapman is another good option. With scores of 119 and 151 in 2009 he is surely a wicked pick for you this week, and with a low of just 99 this year… Chappy will make you happy again for sure (yeah I know it rhymes). Selwood averages 92 on these guys in his career of 4 games against the Saints, but only has 1×100+ against them in those games. Stevie J has had an up and down ride with 32, 101, 87, 123 in his last 4. They are his 4th worst team to play so who knows!
Grand Final Re-Match… Yep, what a beauty it will be. Last time they met Ablett (103) was tagged by Jones and the Pig did tag Dal Santo (85). Chappy won the Norm Smith with his 119pts (3g, 26d). Bartel had 111 with only 19d but did have a huge 16t. Montagna had 106 and Goddard posted 114 and Lenny had 116. In this game 7×100+ were achieved and as I said earlier this will be one cracker of a DT game!

Ok, for me… I’m not taking Mitchell 98 and I’ll be going with  Jimmy this week. I have Swanny and Lenny but…. Ahhh sh*t. Now I don’t know. Maybe back to Bartel…. I will let you know in the comments as the game gets closer. Oh did I mention that this is St Kilda’s first game of 2010 on the MCG? Amazing hey! Good luck guys and remember not to get too greedy!

Who will be your round 17 captain?

  • Dane Swan (44%, 1,067 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (19%, 463 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (6%, 142 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (4%, 97 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (5%, 133 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (7%, 174 Votes)
  • Scott Thompson (2%, 43 Votes)
  • Dayne Zorko (9%, 228 Votes)
  • Someone else (4%, 92 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,438

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