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The Plus Four: Round 10

This was a round that Warnie (and a lot of others) would like to forget, however, writing about it and hitting the issues with a big +4 can be good therapy. Bad captains, awful selections and dreaded late withdrawals kept us on our toes in Round 10.

This was a round that Warnie (and a lot of others) would like to forget, however, writing about it and hitting the issues with a big +4 can be good therapy.


I love Calvin, and have a lot of time for him. He helps me make some decisions with my team. Most importantly, with my captains. However, I’ve been on the wrong end of some average scores the last few weeks. After my new rule (see last weeks post) I went with Calvin’s suggestion of Jimmy Bartel down at Kardinia Park as Captain – where he generally smashes it, and has awesome history against the Demons. It hurts me so much that my Vice Captain was Leigh Montagna sitting there with a massive 151. That’s 84 points I missed out on. Would have helped make my hideous score look a little more respectable.


One of the most frustrating Warne Dawgs players this year has been Buddy Franklin. I picked him up knowing that we was missing Round 1, but since then he has missed 2 games. This is because he is stupid. Getting players high will get you reported and suspended Budwood. There was an article in yesterday’s Herald Sun that talked about this being the first game he strung 3 games together this season. Well, f**k me… it may not be four with your record this season. I’m just hoping that the MRP are good blokes this week. The Warne Dawgs need it!


Everyone has Michael Barlow, so it doesn’t matter what he scores. But this week, when he was a late withdrawal, the depth of some Dream Teams were tested. With Tom Scully and Jack Trengove rested, some of our benches were tested. I has Ben Howlett‘s 65 slotting in there as emergency. Others had Tony Armstrong (73) on debut in their teams after a midfield downgrade this week. Lewis Jetta (52) was another likely emergency. The good news is that he should be right to play next week. It was just a minor hamstring worry.

Roy and I discussed what to do with his emergencies for this week at length. He had doubts over Jonathan Brown (hip) in the forward line and also Dane Swan (knee) in the midfield. Using some dual position magic, he ended up going with a midfield emergency over the forward line one! Lucky he didn’t need to use it on Swan (or decide that he needed the emergency in the forwards) as he got a nice boost when Barlow was a late withdrawal.


I’ve copped a bit for my bad selections this year (Ben Warren, Mitch Clark, Mark Seaby, etc), but the worst of all has got to be Robbie Gray. What a total spud. Mr Gary-Ablett-clone-set-for-a-break-out-year. Absolute spazbot. Has only managed 5 out of 10 games for the season, which has meant that Scott Gumbleton has played 5 more games in my starting 22 than he should have. Anyone spent over $320K on a player for a worse return than this dickhead? Wish I did what Calvin did this week and traded him for Pav.


Yeah, a bit crude… but how about the debut from Jordan Gysberts against the Cats? He started playing on DT superstar Gary Ablett and ended up with Gazza-like numbers. Gysberts had me getting a bit excited in my pants with his 26 touches that had him scoring 103 dream team points. What a sensational debut. It’s great news for Demons – another young dude that will get them a whole heap of ball… and great news for us! Downgrade one of your midfield bench players to Jordan ($117,500). He should be locked and loaded in the Dees lineup for the rest of the year.


This would be so much cooler if we had a 2300 score, but I drew on the exact same points as Roy. If someone told me I would get the same amount of points as one of the greatest DT coaches ever, I would have taken that all day. Sucks arse that we didn’t even make 1900. FMDT!

Team name Coach Points
last round
per round
1. I’m Not Happy Chopper 1,951 2049.90 20,499 4,313rd
2. Calvinator Calvin 1,974 2048.70 20,487 4,494th
3. destROY Roy 1,891 2031.30 20,313 7,567th
4. Merv Gray Autos Chook 1,920 2026.60 20,266 8,593rd
5. Warne Dawgs Warnie 1,891 2024.00 20,240 9,161st

Thank god this week is over. Surely it can only get better next week! Will have to train hard on the track this week!





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