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The Plus Four: Round 9

It’s Monday morning and we can now mull over the events of the weekend looking towards next round! Join Warnie as he “+4s” the big issues. Everything from Tadhg Kennelly’s zero to Brian Lake’s almost double ton.

It’s Monday morning and we can now mull over the events of the weekend looking towards next round! Join Warnie as he “+4s” the  big issues.


The game on Friday night was built up like a huge grand final, and our Dream Team scores after that game were magnificent. Most people came out of the game averaging 100 points per player. And in a lot of cases, coaches had about 7-8 players in the game. Not a bad start when that’s happening. Team Ablett took the points over Team Swan, but Swanny did do very well after hurting his knee early on to finish with his 94. I am worrying that he will miss this week as they have a road trip up to the mega hard Gabba in Brisbane. Hmm… Ben Howlett, thanks for dominating on Saturday night and doing what you can to stay in the Bombers’ 22… I might need you!


Last year I was playing a league game against someone who had David Hille. It was ANZAC Day. He hurt his knee without troubling the scorers and in the old rules, that meant an emergency came on for him as well as not changing his value. This was VERY lucky for my opponent and I was pretty sh*tty. In my opinion, if a player takes the field, then they should cop whatever score they get. Good old Virtual Sports listened, and just with my luck in DT, it’s come back to bite me one the arse this week. Tadhg Kennelly gave me, and many coaches, thier first donut of the season. Absolutely gutted after the huge start on Friday night. We’re not sure how serious the knee injury is… we will know more today. But if he’s going to miss a few, I am really considering using some cash in my bank to go up to Ryan Hargrave after his 129. Is he back? Well, I might jump on the bandwagon. My team is f**ked anyway!

On a little side note, I heard a whisper that an infamous fan(tasy) footy website owner had Tadhg on his ground with Hargrave on the bench. Ouch!


Anyone with David Hille will be thanking their lucky stars, and the match review panel, after his massive 156 on Saturday night in the Dreamtime at the ‘G game. That was huge. Thinking about it, the best ruck combo (for value) would have been Sandilands and Hille. That could have been locked and loaded from the start of the year and you’d be pretty happy. Some mightn’t be as there were some coaches who locked in Aaron Sandilands this week as captain for only 67 points. The big fella still had 35 hitouts, so it wasn’t a terrible ‘rucking game’ for him… just gotta remember, don’t have a captain against Sydney!


Any many who can have 41 disposals is going to rack up a decent DT score, but when it includes 35 kicks and 22 marks, that’s where you are taking it to another level! He had 111 at half time. One hundred and friggen eleven points. Man oh man… I’ve got players who take 2 weeks to get those numbers up. What is funny, is that he had only 12 points in the third quarter… yet finished on 192 with a huge 69 junk time last quarter. He was even laughing when he was getting his uncontested possessions towards the end of the game. Brian Lake, we salute you!


This goes back to Round 5 when Melbourne were taking on Brisbane down at the MCG. There was the media all around how Jonathan Brown wasn’t going to play. I think he ended up playing that game just to prove a point. Browndawg only scored 38 that week and clearly looked hampered by his groin/hip ailment. Since then, he has had 96, 52, 90 and then this week an awful 37. JB, do your coaches a favour and rest man, rest!


Lenny Hayes has been picked up by a whole lot of Dream Team coaches over the last couple of weeks and none of them would feel let down. He has pumped out 105, 126, 106, 122 and now 140 over the last 5 weeks. He is still priced at under $460K. This might be your last week to jump on him. He has a killer draw coming up and should get up over $500K in no time. Leigh Montagna at just over $441K is a bargain too!


Chook is the only man left in the eliminator after I went down by 55 points this round to join Roy, Calvin and Chopper on the scrapheap. Only 55 points, sh*t! And that was with Tadhg Kennelly copping a zero… playing Scott Gumbleton (38) for Robbie Gray and my Captain, Leigh Montagna, being my 10th highest scoring player. Oh well, such is DT. Chook, fly the flag and stay ‘active’.

Oh… I have a new team rule for the Warne Dawgs. No debut players as captain. First one was Swanny on ANZAC Day for 83 and now today with Montagna for 94. So anyone I trade in that week can not be made captain. Period.

Team name Coach Points
last round
per round
1. I’m Not Happy Chopper 2,197 2060.89 18,548 3,214
2. Calvinator Calvin 2,083 2057.00 18,513 3,669
3. destROY Roy 2,151 2046.89 18,422 5,119
4. Warne Dawgs Warnie 2,028 2038.78 18,349 6,466
5. Merv Gray Autos Chook 2,039 2038.44 18,346 6,530

Enjoy your Monday people. We’ll be filming an episode tonight. Hopefully up on Tuesday!





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