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Roys Real Estate: Round 8

Every time I hear the radio mention Swan and some kind of a crisis, I panic and get cold shivers down my spine. Luckily, every time it ends up being Wayne Swann and some financial crisis. As long as its not Dane Swan and a crisis at destROY I couldn’t care less.

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Every time I hear the radio mention Swan and some kind of a crisis, I panic and get cold shivers down my spine. Luckily, every time it ends up being Wayne Swann and some financial crisis. As long as its not Dane Swan and a crisis at destROY I couldn’t care less. This week I need to clarify that I am not necessarily recommending all the people I mention in this article, it is purely a market watch based on interesting figures. I am also likely to mention a few random names of people we are very unlikely to select, however it generates good conversations around different players or could end up being a very unique pick that comes off. We don’t want to talk about the same players all the time, by now we have gathered that Ablett and Chapman can play the game. Sorry to everyone that understands this but when I say someone has a break even of 150, I am not telling you to get them in your team this week, contrary to what a few readers with an IQ of 20 believe. As a matter of fact I never tell you to select anybody, I write facts and the reader is free to interpret them how they please.

On the rise…… Big time:

Luke Ball: Three weeks ago, many Luke Ball owners took the Ross Lyon approach and said “Goodbye Luke, we don’t need you clogging up the midfield with sub-par efforts, good riddance” The last two weeks Luke Ball said “chick chick…….BOOM” Ball has been going off his nut posting 124 and 113 since his mass omission. This leaves his BE at a low 32, and a cheap price of $370,800.

Daniel Gian Gina god georgioamaniGia:To start the season Gia left a few coaches scratching their heads as to why they backed him in. Some people even traded him out with the belief he was only good for 90 point games at best, and thats not what they paid the semi big bucks for. For every coach that kept the faith, well done, not only have you avoided a silly sideways trade, Gia has thanked you accordingly with scores of  125, 154 and 142. Not only is he ridiculously good looking, he has a ridiculously low break even of 25.  After a 60,000+ price rise already this season you will have to pay a price now. $442,900 to be exact.

Andrew Mackie: The Mack truck has had a bad start to the year by his lofty standards dropping in price to a very tasty 331,200. He seems to have slipped under the radar a fair bit this year and for that price he is hard to ignore. His last two scores would indicate he is back in town after smashing out back to back 90’s. His BE is 51 this week and as that is low I am indicating that it might be a good time to buy. You wont get Mackie for this low again this year.

Matthew Pavlich:After a sub Pavlike year last year, big Pav is back. He is back to centre half forward and his scores are back to what we expect of the big man. Playing at CHF for years Pav averaged 100 in a sh*t Fremantle lineup so if they can continue to win the odd match, imagine what type of scores he is going to push out over the year. Currently priced at $422,300 and a BE of 51.

Big Dawgs are as low as they are going to go:

Dane Swan: Swannie is back in town posting 140 and 123. People that were banking on him not getting close to his big break evens forgot it was Swannie. He is priced at $469,600 with a BE of  77. If you want him, this is the best price you will get it.

Kane Cornes: The forgotten man of the DT world Kaneo is still pumping out huge scores with great consistency. He has been wrongly labeled as a tagger which has tricked many coaches from picking him.  Kane is an absolute ball magnet who happens to have a very good defensive side to his game, and obviously takes pride in it. He is a perfect unique gun to strengthen up a midfield. He never scores under 90 and is coming off back to back 100s. Priced at 413,200 with a BE of 76.

Superstar price drop alert:

Matthew Boyd: The tough thing for superhuman DTers like Boyd is that if he has a couple of “average” games like 85 or 90 he becomes nice and affordable.  Boyd is 471,800 with a whopping BE of 160. Given the fact he plays Sydney at the SCG this week it is fair to assume he wont push it and is in for a considerable price drop. Most teams have struggled to find players able to crack the ton vs Sydney baring Geelong.

Nick Dal Santo:Or Nick Dal Stinky Nuts after his Monday night effort. All non Santo owners can thank Andrew Carrazzo for making the superstar affordable. Little Nicky struggled to find the ball vs the blues leaving him priced at $410,100 and a BE of 151. Nick has averaged just under 100 this year so will be a bargain for anything under $400,000. He often cops the number 1 tag, however is capable of huge scores.

So random…

Shane Tuck: Yes, that’s right, Tucky is at it again. In the last month he has not scored less than 100 and is back to his ball magnet best. He comes at a hefty price of $432,000 but seems to be a walk up 100 every week. The best thing about a 100 from Tucky is how much it pisses off whoever you are playing that week.

Nathan Lovett Muray: Nathan is finally producing the kind of performances that we have known he is capable of for a long time. Being named as a backman and having 84 as his lowest score of the year is already impressive, let alone his last two scores of 139 and 127. Priced at $378,900 and with a BE of  35 he is the kind of unique gun that can help win you a flag.

Ok, there are a few players to talk about, especially considering the injuries this week as well as a couple of spanners on the selection table… Pods, nooooooooooooooooooo. So much for my Brennan cover. Trades, here I come… again. Please feel free to discus your plans crew!





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