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‘General Soreness’ in Operation FMDT

This army captain has struck again! General Soreness has taken aim at the easy targets… our rookies! Dustin Martin, Mitch Duncan and now James Podsiadly have been shot down by the general this year. Some say FML, I say FMDT!

There is a man out there, who obviously isn’t in the Australian Defence Force… or has any ‘Spirit of ANZAC’ within himself. His name is General Soreness.

He has struck down a few of our Dream Team players this year. Mitch Duncan was the first in Round 5 to be shot down. For Round 6 Dustin Martin was motoring along quite well and then pow, he was the next victim. And now this week, James Podsiadly was standing very tall smashing out huge scores and was struck down by the bloody General’s massive blow.

Absolute prick.

Plenty of people say FML (f*ck my life) when bad things happen. In the Dream Team world, we have FMDT (f*ck my dream team). The General has ‘effed’ my plans this week, along with plenty of other Dream Team coaches.

The point of this post? Not much! Just a bit of a vent and to let the General that we are over you and wish you would go and hide in your bunker somewhere and stop screwing with our Dream Teams.



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