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Who’s Next?

“Oh, Gary has had his week of ‘resting’ it won’t happen again all year now”… NOT!! All the gun teams rest their stars and this will happen a lot, and for the poorest of reasons. So who is next?

If you are not aware of this… GEELONG REST PLAYERS! All the star studded teams do it. Remember back when the Saints came to play the Hawks in Launie and rested 47 players? Well, they all do it! So this bring me to my big question, “Who’s Next?”

If you think this is the last game Gary Ablett will be rested this year with “Hamstring tightness, Illness, Personal Reasons or whatever else they can think of, think again. Bartel will be ‘rested’ at some stage, as will Stevie J and the other guns. Chapman is a sure thing… the only difference is that his “hammy tightness” might not be a lie and it might be a total prevenative action as they are due to tang at any time. Joel Selwood was one of the only stars in 2009 not to be rested… that tells me, he’s due! Joel Corey should have played this week, but he’s ‘rested’ for one more and Sam Mitchell (although he’s a Hawk, and they need a win) is in the same boat! All this does is wreck our dreamteams and we have had enough!!

So with a week without Gary, a week without a walk up captain, I’m letting you know… this will happen again! So who do you think is next?





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