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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

Argg oi ah yeah! Welcome to Calvin’s Captains. This week is traditionally called “Rivalry Round” and in this round, the big guns steps up. Something I have noticed over the last few years is when there is a BIG game on the line the BIG guns step up! You will agree with me mega, when you see what I have for you this week.

Argg oi ah yeah! This week is traditionally called “Rivalry Round” and in this round, the big guns steps up. Something I have noticed over the last few years is when there is a BIG game on the line the BIG guns step up! You will agree with me mega, when you see what I have for you this week. You will struggle to pick a bad captain!

Last week was a … up and down… week in captain selection, mainly thanks to Swan who failed to produced when his form said he will. 27% of the 2,350 people who voted said Swanny was their #1 pick for his 80 odd. Ablett polled 2nd and scored 145 leaving 23% of the voters very happy. Personally, as I said last week, I had my “C” on Sam Mitchell, well he DNP (did not play) so I went with Bartel (116pts) without any confidence and was happy with the pick at the end of the day. So according to the table over there 8% of people were pissed off mega at Brownie’s score which I have refused to write before he S.N.O.P (should not of played).  He wouldn’t have made my list last week if I knew he was crippled that bad.

The table I have for you this week, nicely positioned on the left hand side there is the 100+ scores teams are giving up in 2010. After 5 rounds a clear picture is starting to form. Teams like Richmond and all those other over there have given opposition teams sh*t loads of 100+ score this year. Way way way more than any other teams, making them great teams for your selected captain to play against. This week Geelong play Richmond who are allowing over 5 players each week, 100+ points, and with the Cats coming off a lose at home, I have a feeling there will be more than 5! On the other hand of course, we have the teams listed there in the ‘red’ who are developing as the lock down teams of 2010. These are obviously the teams to avoid captains against as they just don’t give up huge scores to their opposition. Sydney leave the charge there only allowing 5 players to score 100+ across the entire season to date (not each week like Richmond). Other teams there like Geelong, Fremantle and Bulldogs are, on average, are letting just less than 2 players a week score 100+ scores on them. Amazing stuff really, so be careful and make sure your captain is playing a team that gives up sh*tloads of 100+ scores.

Righteo, good luck and check out this stuff I have for you. And if you are a person who always goes, “Oh V8… I just lock in Gazza” well bloody good for you, but not everyone has bloody Gazza do they? … and some people like to read this to help them place their bets! This is what I use! Goodluck, lets roll….and you know how it work… players are listed with their average on this weeks opponent in their last 3 games.

Westerndawgs Vs St Kilda

Goddard – 120
Dal Santo – 110
Hayes – 107
Boyd – 105
Gilbert – 97
Cross – 90
Gia – 89
Montagna – 87
Gilbee – 82
Higgins – 71
Cooney – 65

What a cracker of a match to start the round! Boyd should be back this week, although he does have a broken hand and if you ask me… maybe he won’t be back. Last time he played the Saints he had 26d for his score of 89 and before that he went 140, 85, 130. Higgins has not cracked the 100+ in his career of 5 games here and Cooney is in a similar boat as he hasn’t cracked the ton in his last 4 games against the mighty Saints. But it’s the Saints who have the top 3 spots up there! Goddard plays his favourite team of 2009 here where he had scores of 83, 136, 141 on them last year. But my concern with him is after what happened last week… he had just 67 and look really out of place in his new role. I doubt this will last, but as for top 5 on Calvin’s list, I’m going to have to pass based on last week. Lenny Hayes has previous scores of 123, 99, 100 in his last 3 Vs the Dawgs and during that time he averaged 30d. He hasn’t yet scored 100+ at Etihad this year in his 3 attempts, so this might be the week. Dal Santo has previous scores here of116, 132, 81, 101 which makes the Dawgs his 3rd favourite team in 2009. Montagna had a huge 126 last week, but his history here indicates he’ll bomb back to earth. He has only scored 100+ on the Dawgs once in his career of 11 games. Amazing hey!

Call The Tag Calvin– Righteo I will…Dal Santo had Kane Cornes on his tail again last week and struggled, this week might be a little easier as the other boys get the tag over him and Lenny. Last time there guys met was in the Prelim Final 2009. Picken tagged Montagna and held him to 70 (and will go to him again), Griffin gave Goddard some attention for his 83. As for the Dawgs… Jones tagged Cooney (72) and as we have found with taggers… once they have found someone they have stopped before, they go back there again. Oh and in that game the guys they let run free in Hayes and Dal… well they had 123 (34d) and 116 (31d) respectively.

Kangaroos Vs Melbourne

Harvey – 88
Anthony – 87*
Silvia – 83
Green – 80
Bruce – 70

You’d be surprised to know that there isn’t much to chat about in this game. Liam Anthony’s 87 is just from 1 game and Harvey will probably get the tag from Melbourne. He averages 88 in his last 3 against them and 99 in his last 5. Bruce hasn’t cracked 100 on the Roos in his last 7 games and Jack Grimes isn’t mentioned cause he has never played them. Silvia is in smoking form till he punches someone, he’s had 125 and 112 in his only 2 games this year. But… In his career of 7 games Vs the Roos, he is yet to crack a ton.

Adelaide Vs Port Adelaide

Cassisi – 104
Vince – 103
Kane – 97
Edwards – 96
Goodwin – 90
Thompson – 85
Chad – 82
Boak – 77

Once again… not much to chat about here either. Bernie Vince does play his favourite team of 2009. His last games Vs these guys have seen numbers of 109, 130, 70, 134 against them, pretty impressive. Edwards has scored 4×100+ scores on Port in his last 7 encounters. Goodwin had 117 in his last and Scottie Thompson has only 1×100+ score against his name in his last 7 games. Cassisi has hit rock bottom on price and is a bargain at the moment and this week, he’ll back up his 121 from last week with another solid score. With 126, 54 and 132 in his last 3 games, he should be ok.

Big Game Chad – There used to be a time when you’d lock in Chad Cornes as Captain against the Crows, Chad LOVES LOVES LOVES big games. The Crows are his 2ndfavourite team behind Geelong which says a lot. In his last 8 games against the Crows he has knocked up some huge scores, like 129, 152, 115, 126, 137 (with a few lower ones in between). So… who knows what to expect!

Essendon Vs Hawthorn

Stanton – 136
Buddy – 99
Riolli – 89
Mitchell – 88
Jobe – 80
Hodgey – 74
Hille – 69
Sewell – 65

Buddy is very “Katy Perry” here with previous scores of 78, 138, 81,136 but else did we expect of Buddy these days. Mitchell missed last week and should return this week. He’s had 129 and 97 in his last 2 here and should be fresh and right to roll. Hodgey has been in awesome form and doing some ruck work at the same time. He has a poor record here with only 2×100+ scores on Essendon in his last 100 games against them.

Do You Have Stanton? If so here is 7 massive reasons why you will be locking him in with the big “C” this week,… ready? This is good!

Reason #1 – His last scores against the Hawks are incredible. 139, 147, 123 in his last 3 make up his average of 136 and before that it continued with 110, 105, 99, 71, 115. Enough said really.
Reason #2 – His lowest score of 2010 is just 93
Reason #3 – The Hawks are his favourite team across his career by a massive 15 points per game.
Reason #4 – Over his career he averages 110 on them.
Reason #5 – He averages 131 at the MCG this year.
Reason #6 –  He bounced back from a week off with 139 last week.
Reason #7 – The Hawks have given up a huge 14×100+ score in the last 3 weeks (ranked #2 in the AFL, behind Port’s 17).

Sydney Vs Brisbane

Goodes – 93
ROK – 90
Brown – 86
Brennan – 80
McVeigh – 80
Black – 74
Power – 72
Kirk – 64

Anytime someone plays Sydney, the game isn’t pretty. They are the greatest team at shutting teams down DT wise and have done for many years. Picking a captain against these guys and you are really going out on a limb. A bloody fragile limb too. Jonno Brown shouldn’t have played last week and he did and therefore I’m tipping he will now miss this weeks game. He had 120 in his last against the Swans but after 38 last week, PASS. Brennan copped a heavy tag last week for his 69 and Simon Black is a sh*t DTer and hasn’t scored 100+ here in his last 15 games! Yep 15!! Kirk is the same only cracking 100+ once in his career of 18 games against the Lions. Goodsy had 117 last time he played these guys and ROK joins the others here with a sh*t record, as he hasn’t scored 100+ in his last 5 against Brisbane. Nothing great here, pass, and move on, because look what we have next!!!

Geelong Vs Richmond

Bartel – 121
Corey – 108
Ablett – 105
Deledio – 100
Selwood – 96
Stevie J – 95
Tuck – 92
Chapman – 88
Enright – 65
Kelly – 58

Anyone Vs Richmond is good, and when it’s the Cats coming off a lose… it’s unreal!! Lets get Delids out of the way. He goes ok with previous scores of 111 and 101 in his last 2, but we’re not here to chat about him.  Corey Enright struggled last week and it might continue as he hasn’t had over 100 Vs these lads in his last 3 and Kelly is worse, not having 100+ in his last 7 Vs them. Lets keep going with the ‘bad’ ones…Chapman has previous scores here of 75, 119, 70 and Richmond happen to be his 2nd worst DT team to play against behind Carlton. Selwood averages 96 in his last 3 games against the Tigers and that is with only 1×100+ score in his career of 5 games. Now we are getting into the good stuff. Stevie J has to bounce back after last week. He had 24d, 4.2g last time he played these guys for his 130 so fingers crossed he can scab some goals this week. But here come the big 3… A – B – C.

A is for Ablett and his form is smashing! And if you have him, I bet you’ll keep the “C” on him this week, even if it is just to reward his season so far and I don’t blame you. He averages 108 in his last3 games against the Tigers with scores of 81, 135, 99. His last score of 81 was when Jake King tagged him despite his 29d. Gazza has only played 1 game at Skilled Stadium this year and had 133. Don’t hesitate on Gary this week. B is for Bartel, Barnacle Bartel! He averages HUGE 121 in his last 3 against the Tigs. These guys are his 2ndfavourite team to play behind Adelaide. With previous scores of 125, 144 (where he averaged 29d, 10m, 7t) and then before that he even went 93, 132. Bartel will go offa! His only score at SS this year is a nice 109, but this week, I’m tipping something better. C is for Corey, Joel Corey! He missed last weeks game with ‘knee soreness’ which is slightly concerning as he only just made Rd. 1 this year with the same problem. Anyway, if he plays, which they say he will, he is in for a great day! He has previous scores of 105, 129, 91, 134, 104 and averaged 8t in his last 4 against them. He scored his only 100+ for the year last time he was at SS this year (125) and he is a certainty to crack that mark again!

Got a Cat? Click Away– A no brainer really. With the Tigers given up the most 100+ scores this year, I’m tipping 8 Cats to score over that mark this week. Which 8 will it be? We’ll the A-B-C combo are a sure thing, throw in Chappy based on form and that leaves 4 more spots up for grabs… do not hesitate. Your only problem might be if you have Swanny in the mix as well, if so, I suggest you read on…

Carlton Vs Collingwood

Swan – 122
Marc – 118
Carrazzo – 95
Judd – 92
Gibbs – 91
Pendlebury – 89
Leon – 82
Didak – 78
Shaw – 68

Lets start off with Juddy, who was wicked last week. Over the last 2 years, the Pies have been Juddy’s favourite team to play. With scores of 71, 130, 75, 114, 104 you can see why! Big guns love the big games and this one is one of the biggest if not the biggest of the weekend! Marc Murphy is one to watch here! He smashes the Pies mega! 111, 107, 135 are his last 3 scores against them and I’m tipping a 110+ easy off him this week, despite the fact he has only 1×100+ score against his name in his last 6 games at the MCG. Heath Shaw has had 102 and 80 (so ignore his average up there) in his last 2 here and Pendlebury has only played these guys 5 times and goes pretty well. His highest score is just 94, but his lowest is 83… tight range! Leon Davis had 115 last time these guys met but it’s the big Swan we want here! Dane Swan let many people down last week, for NO reason. Here, he plays his 3rdfavourite team of all time and should do much better. He averages 122 in his last 3 games against the Blues and love the big stage! Those last 3 games look like this 131 (38d), 97 (30d), 137 (27d). Before that… this wicked run continues… 109, 109, 123, 136 and then a 114 back in 2006. This guy surely has to smash it this week. My god, surely! Once again, history says YES, form says SORTA YES, but it is Dane Swan and to all those waiting for Swanny to bottom out… he come a 150 to put in ya pipe!

Warnie’s Curse– We’ll that’s what he calls it. He picked up Swanny last week for his below average score and this week he’s getting in Didak. The curse will continue… as Didak has only had 1×100+ score on the Blues in his career of 12 games. My tip, wait a week and then get him!

West Coast Vs Fremantle

Pavlich – 108
Priddis – 103
Cox – 99
Duffield – 87
Selwood – 87
Sandilands – 86

Last game of the round. Cox seems to be back in good fitness and good touch as he has averaged over 100 in the last 2 weeks. 103, 98, 96 are his last 3 scores here with his latest (103) coming in Rd. 2, 2009. Priddis has had 107 and 113 in his last 2 here and should go really well despite the fact that he has not scored 100+ at SUBI this year from 3 games. Barlow isn’t on the list but had 115 against Richmond last week (winning me $$), but he is still averaging 95 this year and should go well again. Sandilands had 105 last week and had 116 last time these teams met… worth noting though that Dean Cox did not play in that game (Rd. 17, 2009). In that game Pavlich had a huge 136, his highest score of 2009. He had 36d, 8t that day posting numbers of a premium midfielder. His last 2 at SUBI are solid with a 87 and 126.

Last week I went Barnacle Bartel (116) and this week, I going to have to do the same. I am trying to squeeze my DT bank account to get in Swan, and if I do, He’ll be a walk up captain. Don’t reckon I’ll be able to do it… so BARNACLE BARTEL it is!

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 4

  • Brent Stanton (46%, 1,022 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (13%, 280 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (6%, 141 Votes)
  • Steele Sidebottom (8%, 178 Votes)
  • Ryan Hargrave (27%, 583 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,200

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