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Intraclub news, tips from Selby the back-to-back champion – Ep. 330

PODCAST: Selby returns to play AFL Fantasy and offers his advice for 2020.

Ruck selection and rankings, SA news, your questions – Ep. 329

PODCAST: Lee Gaskin joins the boys as they focus on the rucks this week.

Track watching, injury updates, early selection trends – Ep. 328

PODCAST: Mitch Cleary joins The Traders with plenty of off-season news.

2020 launch, Craig’s tips, first draft rankings – Ep. 327

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie are pumped that the game has opened.


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2020 Bye Rounds

2020 Bye Rounds

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    • Fooz: The Marsh Hype Team is really going to ruin my thought processes. Especially at the...
    • PowerAde: herald sun super coach league code : 785459 if anyone interested.
    • Mad Fish: Personally I would feel more confident having Serong on, putting MacPherson to FWD...
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    • Euman: I have moved Whitfield into the mids to assist with this sort of dilema maybe you...
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  • Brisbane Lions v Port Adelaide – MARSH1 (6)
    • Sparksy: It depends honestly. Last year most teams just let Neale have his way because Zorko...
    • Sir Fartypants: Hey sparksy… thanks for your efforts man! I’m interested in Neale and...
    • Trent: I think it’ll be more like 105+, just saying
    • Ic3: It’s mid position. You want more for a mid than 100 buddy Trent!! If it’s...