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#FantasyLeaks 2019 – Ep. 230

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie have the 2019 positions and prices in their hands.

2019 fixture, new rules, trade period – Ep. 229

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie check in to talk Fantasy relevant news.

Mad Monday 2018 – Ep. 228

PODCAST: Roy and Warnie wrap up the year.

The Grand Final – Ep. 226

PODCAST: With old mate Warnie out for the night, Roy and Calvin delivered the...

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  • Drawing Board 2019 (11)
    • Dovaas: News confirmed. Sam Docherty does another ACL

  • Roy’s Best 22 for 2019 – December Edition (12)
    • The Chosen Won: TEAM NAME: the chosen won. (AFL Fantasy 2014) Used: $9,861,300 (98.6%),...
    • Euman: Speaking of best 22 only a quarter of your starting team being in them. I post below...
    • Euman: You too
    • The Chosen Won: Good Luck in 2019
    • Euman: Thanks Warnie
    • Warnie: They’ll be added once all processed by Champion Data. There aren’t too many that...
    • Euman: Just checking my Avatar, note i also picked Dunkley in my team 1 version, his run home...
    • Euman: Ok so question with the ssp “Previously listed AFL footballers no longer have to...
    • Spud: Fair call. A quarter is probably a bit harsh. Somewhere between a third and half is...
    • You're the Spud: I’ll take the overs on the quarter prediction.
    • Spud: Reality is that by the end of the year, most of what you predict now will fail to...