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AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 23 – Ep. 304

PODCAST: The replay of the round 23 live Facebook show is available now.

Grand Finals, best round 23 teams, hot tips to hold up the cup – Ep. 303

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie get you set for the biggest round of the...

AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 22 – Ep. 302

PODCAST: The replay of the round 22 live Facebook show is available now.

Preliminary finals, race for the car, POD players – Ep. 301

PODCAST: Preliminary finals are here and the boys are back with their hot takes...


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  • The Friday Scramble: Grand Final Edition (43)
    • David C: Brisbane have said they won’t tag Dusty …. at least not at the start.
    • Peter Pan: 👍
    • Peter Pan: Thanks
    • Peter Pan: Cheers!
    • Miyagi-san: So dont have Greene, but have Rocky and Max, and will swing Marshall to ruck. So...
    • MikeLowrey: Dusty or Marshall: A) Greene & B.Crouch > Dusty & J.Kelly B) Greene...
    • Shaun Lawson: I’ve got Gawn and Green have to trade both to be safe. I had plenty of...
    • StrongEnergies: In fantasy version so think I need to trade Gawn for a GF considering have no...
    • Fooz: My thoughts: Collywobbles need to win to try and stay in top 4. Port have given up....

  • Fry’s Cash Cows – 2019 Rookie Award Ballot (16)
    • Fry: I did the same thing with both mate. Sounds like we need to put 2019 behind us 😂
    • Fry: Love the Greene to Dusty love mate, I’m in the hold Gawn basket atm so I’d have to lean...
    • Fry: Anytime mate! I look forward to seeing you if I sign up for 23 weeks of torment as well 😂