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Bye bye to the byes, No. 1 coach in the country, Grundy pigging – Ep. 287

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie are joined by the current leader of Fantay Classic,...

AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 14 – Ep. 286

PODCAST: The replay of the round 14 live Facebook show is available now.

Walsh out, Griff in, final bye trading – Ep. 285

PODCAST: The final bye round is here and it looks like it is time...

AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 13 – Ep. 284

PODCAST: The replay of the round 13 live Facebook show is available now.


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  • Fry’s Cash Cows – Rd. 14 (16)
    • Fry: For the record I think it’s too early in the year to be culling someone as dead...
    • Sam: Thinking Baker and baker (tiger) to hanners and dusty or Daniels. Or brayshaw and baker...
    • Fry: I think the second one. O.Baker has room to grow and L.Baker should be good against the...
    • Fry: Hold on to him, I’d only advise getting Hannebery for a rookie
    • NDL: Hey Fry, Would love your thoughts on this. Team: D: Houli, Lloyd, Laird, Ellis, Sicily,...
    • Shake and Baker: Upgrade Oskar Baker to J Kelly and field Bewley for a week, or sideways...
    • PK: keep
    • James: Keep Zerrett or trade him for hanners?

  • My Team 2019: Round 15 (137)
    • Chief007: 2 is all about max points this time of year
    • Chief007: Have a look at Salem’s numbers a bit of a pod as well
    • texantexan: Have Daniel already. Agreed re. Hurn dropping cash the next few weeks with his...
    • Fooz: What’s the priority: 1) Upgrade Matt Parker to Lipinski (as far as I can get him)...