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Brodie Grundy, ruck picks and ruck pigs – Ep. 252

PODCAST: Brodie Grundy joins the boys as they look over the best ruck options.

Midfield picks, new Blues, your questions – Ep. 251

PODCAST: It's all about the midfielders this week with a look at the premiums...

Kick-in rule, top Defender picks – Ep. 250

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie talk defenders and the new rules with Louie from...

Fantasy is back – Ep. 249

PODCAST: The game has been open for a few days and the boys dish...

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  • Ripe for the Picking – 2019 Pre-Season Defenders (3)
    • anth80: Ryan Burton Sparksy?
    • Tom: No mention of Mills or McGrath. Both seem primed for breakouts with “more midfield...
    • DoubleARon: Thanks for the write up Sparksy. Lots of great points to think about in there....

  • My Team 2019: Version 1.1 (586)
    • Jimmy: Not sure I’ll personally do it but for anyone looking at Newman, why not Brandon...
    • bullant9: He didn’t rank that high did he?
    • andyjh: If Hibberd returns to 2017 form he could be an OK pick. 2018 form & you have a...
    • andyjh: Houli no, Perryman is on my JLT watch list.
    • andyjh: Heluuuuu my nameth hawk n I loves meningolia cauth he lookth nice n I wanna touch...
    • JimWaz: Should I change anything? Are there any obvious improvements to be made? Lloyd...
    • Cheeks: Sicily & libba or Brodie smith & oliver?
    • bullant9: I suppose if ya got a mental disability like yourself it would be alright, sorry bud
    • anth80: Rocky and Rozee or Adams and Young Jacobs and rozee or Goldy and Young