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AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 18 – Ep. 294

PODCAST: The replay of the round 18 live Facebook show is available now.

Coniglio’s knee, toughest taggers, Rocky’s media rounds – Ep. 293

PODCAST: Just two rounds before Fantasy final and there's plenty of issues facing coaches.

AFL Fantasy LIVE 2019: Rd. 17 – Ep. 292

PODCAST: The replay of the round 17 live Facebook show is available now.

Donuts, lockout lessons, aiming for the best 22 – Ep. 291

PODCAST: Listen about Calvin's disastrous and Warnie's outstanding round 16.


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  • Lockout Chat – Rd. 18 (16)
    • The Cricket: Yep so did I. Can’t believe I did that.
    • llizardofoz: Nope. He copped a lot of attention and even had frees awarded against him when...
    • Jono: Your telling me, I had him as captain. FML
    • The Cricket: Cripps. Pfft. What a plonker.
    • Andy: Was thinking of taking Cripps. Glad I didn’t. 20 at half time.
    • The Cricket: A high scoring Friday night sets us up nicely in good spirits for the fantasy...
    • Marcus: Ow and last night was probably the best start to a Round I’ve ever had with B...
    • Marcus: Well done Calvin. O’Brien was the best scorer and well done on the advice of...
    • Toad: exactly the same situation and trades. Good trades, points on ground and instant reward
    • Jay: 1) cong and Rozee out for Murphy and e Curnow $0 2) cong and o baker out for Taranto and...

  • The Friday Scramble: Round 18 (51)
    • Mike: Security excellent, longevity unknown
    • Mike: Have you seen Snelling? Better the devil you know…..