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Defenders of the decade, worst trades, fantasy flashbacks – Ep. 340

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie announce the defenders for the Team of the Decade.

Rage trading, isolation tips, your questions – Ep. 339

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie catch up after a week in isolation.

Round one wrap, a new world of Fantasy, suspended season – Ep. 338

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie catch up in these weird times.

AFL Fantasy LIVE: Rd 1 – Ep. 337

PODCAST: The replay of the round one live Facebook show is available now.


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2020 Bye Rounds

2020 Bye Rounds

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  • My Team 2020: Round 1 (221)
    • tanya: eeewwwwwwwwww emily couldn’t think of anything worse than stepping on a snail...
    • emily: showing games on Friday and Saturday nights, maybe we can get a fantasy fix with them...
    • CJ: Thoughts on downgrading Jacobs to Naismith and keep Grundy at R1? Means I can get Tom...
    • d: I know the season resuming is miles off (if it ever does), but am starting to give serious...
    • Dylan: The game just went past him a little which s fine considering how long he’s...
    • Campbell: Thoughts on Roberton? Is he a trade or do we hold him? Thanks legends
    • Campbell: get bewely and viney

  • Rage trading, isolation tips, your questions – Ep. 339 (2)
    • Marcus: Hi William I agree the Fantasy game will not be as good but just for a bit of fun I...
    • William: I won’t be continuing this year because I prefer the real proper stuff and...

  • gorto97’s 2015-19 Fantasy quiz (1)
    • kjaks: 22/25 not bad considering i only started playing in 2017. I guess you could say im...

  • My Team 2020: Suspended (21)
    • bullant9: The stats do lie mate , thats what main stream media does best
    • Predator: Dude agreed on Noah but these clips (another below) speak for themselves. The...